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Let us share our passion of wildlife with you!

Let us share our PASSION FOR WILDLIFE & Rescue WITH YOU!

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Our Mission

For over 25 years at Snakes-N-Scales, our mission is to give reptiles a chance by rescuing reptiles that need our help and providing fun outreach programs to spread our love of snakes, lizards, and turtles. 

By providing entertaining and educational reptile birthday party, animal and environmental school programs, summer camp programs, library programs, and more...we are able to give these animals a new home when their previous owners are unable to.

We understand that life and circumstances can change. When you find yourself unable for one reason or another to care for your pet, we're happy to try and help! Please NEVER release your pet reptile into the wild. It is illegal, unethical, and cruel to your pet.  

Pet Surrender - Animal Rescue

While we strive to take as many animals in as we can, unfortunately we can't take them all. We are a small animal rescue located in North Western New Jersey.

Even if we are unable to take in your pet, please contact us anyway. We will try and give you other avenues to take to ensure the animal finds a forever home.