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Let us share our passion of wildlife with you!

Let us share our PASSION FOR WILDLIFE & Rescue WITH YOU!

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Who we are and what we do!

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Wide variety of programs for both public and private events!

Whether you're looking for a school assembly or in-class field trip about the tropical rain forest, a native species program for Scouts, or a reptile birthday party with fun and exotic animals....we can help!

All of our shows are customizable for your needs to make sure you are left with the experience you are looking for! 

In a typical program lasting 45-60 minutes, you'll receive anywhere from 5-7 animals and prices vary depending on location and animal package chosen.


Highly Qualified Educator

We know that learning is easier and more fun when you have an excellent teacher! 

Erin Mellini joined the team at Snakes-n-Scales animal rescue in 2008 and is now owner and entertainer! Her degree in Biology & Animal Behavior is what sets our educational programs apart from many others. This is not a hobby, this is her passion! 

Erin Mellini came to Snakes-N-Scales because she recalled a school assembly on reptiles presented by the Snakes-n-Scales founder Bill Boesenberg during a science class in high school. From that day forward, she knew working with animals, big and small, would be her life's work and once she completed her college degree, she immediately contacted him for a job as an animal keeper and instructor. So, to say the programs presented by Snakes-n-Scales can have a huge impact on people's lives, is an understatement! 

The birthday party shows and programs presented by her are not only fun, but educational! Your students and guests will be amazed at what they learn about our HUGE Burmese pythons, large Boa constrictors, amazing monitor lizards, totally awesome turtles & tortoises, and much, much more!