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Zoo Animals Party

Our Zoo Animals Party brings you the most animals of any party we offer. And a wider variety of kinds of animals than any zoo or anyone else can. This is The Festival for a big mixed group of kids or for the child that “knows everything” about Animals.


 In this very popular birthday zoological bash, you may choose all your own animals! That’s right pick whatever you want without any restriction except that you can only get 10 animals per party visit. We have listed what is available for this party below. In the captions you will see notes on what is touchable and what is not. You will also see what has been restricted by state and federal laws. If an animal is available in NJ only please do not choose it unless you live in NJ. We do not support these laws but we will not break them.

 No Zoo Offers This Event, Just Us!   



Animal Party

American Alligator-Not Touchable–But no Zoo Animals Party would be complete without an alligator! Any child that loves reptiles is almost certain to want the prince of them all!


Animal Party

Carpet Python- Not touchable, A tree snake that makes its home in the tropical rainforest of southeast Asia and Australia, these beautiful snakes have incredible strength, staying stretched out from a branch for long periods. —–Yellow Anaconda- Not touchable NJ and Pa Only, Smaller but more fierce than its larger cousin, the green anaconda, the yellow anaconda adds a little excitement to the choices! ——Blood Python- Not touchable, but another beauty of a snake, these snakes are heavily hunted for their skins.

Reptile Birthday Party Monmouth NJ

Animal Party

Yellow Ratsnake-Not Touchable, This guy literally fell off the back of a truck from Florida! his attitude isn’t that great, (how would you feel?) but he’s still a great snake to get to see. Mexican Kingsnake- Touchable, Black as night is what he is, because that’s when he come out to hunt. Western Hognose Snake- Touchable, An adorable snake? Sure! These little guys are the most endearing of all snakes, even if they do hunt toads for a living.

Animal Party

Boa Constrictor- Touchable, from South America is the smallest of the “giant” snakes weighing up to 80 pounds.—Madagascar Boa-Touchable, is a ground boa that hunts mostly lizards, and the rats that came with French and English sailors 300 years ago.

Animal Party

Rainbow Boa-Not Touchable, Perhaps the most beautiful of any non-venomous snake, these small shy boas live in Central and South America.—Black Headed Python, Touchable–This odd python lives in Australia and eats mostly bearded dragons!

Animal Party

Honduran Milksnake- Touchable, Another stunner! We can show you in 10 seconds how to never be confused about coral snakes and milksnakes ever again.—California Kingsnake- Touchable, They’re called “king” because they eat other snakes.–Black Ratsnake- Touchable, This is a native of our area, keeping the squirrels from taking over the world.

Animal Party

Albino Burmese Python- Touchable NJ Only, Probably the easiest to handle of the great snakes, you should certainly consider a “Burm.”–Reticulated Python- Touchable NJ and Pa only, The “Retics” are a little flighty but they are amazing to see up close with a pattern that defies copying.–African Rock Python- Touchable, NJ Only, These snakes have a reputation of eating almost anything, (no not kids!)–So if you live in NJ here is a great opportunity for experience with these amazing pythons within our Zoo Animals Party Theme.


Animal Party

Blue Tongued Skink– Touchable, The Blue-Tongue is from Australia and in the wild is a lover of snails.—Black and White Tegu– Not Touchable, Tegus are astounding hunters, sometimes going after very large prey.

Animal Party

Legeless Lizard– Not Touchable, If you ever watched “The Raider of the Lost Arc,” you’ve seen lots of these…they filled the Egyptian snake pit! certainly no one else’s Zoo Animals Party will have these! (Right, no one else has a Zoo Animals Party in the first place!)—-Savanna Monitor–Touchable, These African monitors are smart, laid back and the easiest monitor to work with.

legless lizard-Ltshears

Reptile Birthday Party Morris NJ

Animal Party

Tokay Gecko-Not Touchable, He looks friendly doesn’t he? Tokays are notorious for their attitude. Perhaps being small hasn’t made them very happy!–Asian Water Monitor, Not Touchable, Of Disney’s “Jessie” show, our version of “Mrs. Kipling will be a bit smaller and doesn’t really make noises.—Dumeril’s Monitor Touchable, An attractive medium sized monitor from Madagascar.

Animal Party

Basilisk–Not Touchable, Sometimes called the “Jesus Christ lizard” because they can actually run across the surface of water.–Bearded Dragon–Touchable, A very popular pet originally from the Outback of Australia.


Animal Party

Spotted Turtle–Not Touchable, Painted Turtle–Not Touchable, Asian Leaf Turtle–Not Touchable, Red-Bellied Cooters– Not Touchable

turtle reptile Kinosternon Pennsylvanicum. (1842)

Animal Party

Alligator Snapping Turtle–Not Touchable, Common Snapping Turtle–Not Touchable, Crocodile Turtle–Not Touchable–Here is another great chance to do something rarely experienced; have two types of snapping turtle side by side! All part of what is possible in the Zoo Animals Party.


Florida Soft Shelled Turtle–Not Touchable, Mata Mata–Not Touchable–The original “ugly sisters” these two turtles may not be to your taste for looks, but they are a fascinating pair of animals to see together in our Zoo Animals Party.

turtle reptile Spargis coriacea. (1842)

Animal Party

Chinese Box Turtle–Touchable, Ornate Box Turtle–Touchable, Eastern Box Turtle–Touchable

snake reptile Coluber obsoletus. (1842)


Animal Party

African Bullfrog, Cane Toad and Argentine Horned Frog–All Not Touchable

argentine horned frog-open cage

turtle reptile Stenothoerus odoratus. (1842)

Animal Party

Dumpy Tree Frog- Not Touchable, African Clawed Frog-Not Touchable,

snake reptile Elaps fulvius. (1842)

Animal Party

Budgetts frog and Surinam Toad–Not Touchable

turtle reptile Testudo polyphemus. (1842)


Animal Party

Amphiuma–Not Touchable, but I can promise you that no other Zoo Animals Party will have one! As if anyone else even offered such a thing! Spanish Ribbed Newt–Touchable

amphiuma-©2010 Matthew Niemiller


Animal Party

Fire Legged Tarantula–Not Touchable, Emperor Scorpion–Not Touchable and Death Feigning Beetle– Touchable


Animal Party

Jack Dempsey- Clown Loach- Ropefish–No fish are touchable.

spotted catshark

Animal Party

Fresh Water Stingray– Elephantfish

56 Animals !

In the Zoo Animals Party 

from 7 very different groups to choose from! Many animals listed here are unique to Snakes-N-Scales and this Party certainly is! 

 snake reptile Helicops erythrogrammus. (1842)

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Reptile Birthday Party Morris NJ  

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