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Un-Scary Animals Preschool Activities



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Possible Animals List in Un-Scary Animals Preschool Activities

Bugs, spiders, frogs, snakes and even alligators are thought to be Scary Animals, even  “icky” by many people. But with the amazing animals in this show the Un-Scary Animals Preschool Activities will make you un-scared!

snake reptile Coluber eximius. (1842)

un scary animals 2

Argentine horned frog-opencage.info/pics

Argentine Horned Frog from South America and an African Bullfrog. Frogs swallow food with their eyes, inflate like balloons and don’t drink with their mouths, while their cousins the toads have poisonous skins.


A Mexican Fire-Leg Tarantula which looks impressive but is actually a great scardy-spider! Tarantulas are actually hairy, peace loving (to us) creatures that are just looking for a good meal.

The Death Feigning Beetle, plays dead so you won’t eat him and like most insects he cannot harm a human at all.

The Emperor Scorpion whose sting is no worse than a bee’s. Scorpions are glow in the dark, (yes really!) mini-tanks, searching the deserts and rainforests of the world.

None of these animals are dangerous the way we handle them. (The tarantula is kept in a container, it can be seen up close but the hairs do not fall out into the classroom.)

The snakes have no legs or eye lids, they have replaceable teeth, a skull with hinges and an extremely sensitive tongue that can find food in the dark. They live nearly everywhere from the tops of mountains to bottom of the sea, eat everything from deer to fish to alligators and have over 3000 different species!

Of course all of this is given out in a form easily accepted by young children. Everyone will be learning so much and laughing so hard they’ll all forget what they were afraid of! 

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