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Turtle Races

 Turtle Races would be really bad idea if the racing was done with wild turtles caught for the purpose. It exposes them to each others diseases, can causes stress and injuries. So we DO NOT do it that way! Our Turtle Races are possible because we have many long term captive box turtles that have lived together for years, so they have no interest in harming each other and they have no diseases, but they still run like rabbits, (well maybe not rabbits, but fast for a turtle) when you let them loose!

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Turtle Races

Here are some possible members of your Turtle Races stable.

Turtle Races

Chinese Box turtles are very fast and very smart. Ornate Box Turtles and determined once they get going. Eastern Box Turtles are the thoroughbreds of the turtle world!

 These turtles have come to us over many years. Some were pets, some were nature center or zoo rejects because they didn’t fit into their populations. All of them are very healthy and happy now. no sick turtle would ever be allowed to race. They are even rotated so none of them have to work too much!


The race is run by laying down a mat on the floor or the grass and having the turtles in the center. The kids are put into teams, they choose “jockies” to mount the turtles and then the race is on! The winners of each race are given prizes but we are careful to insure that no one walks away empty handed.

Turtle Races

This is just one attraction of our Reptile Party Hosting package, (I can’t divulge to much because everyone wants to be like us!) There is no extra charge for Turtle Races as part of the Hosting package.

The Turtle Race Game is also available to add on to any of our reptile birthdays.

Turtle race

$50 for 20 minutes or about 5 races
Stand alone Turtle Races without a show booking are $300/1st hr–$150/each hr after

Turtle race 

To Book Turtle Races

Call Bill at 973-248-9964



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