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Tropical Rainforest -Savanna School Assemblies


This Tropical Rainforest -Savanna School Assembly is a classic habitat comparison of the forest with the grassland. But the rainforest is a habitat in 3 dimensions, stretching 60 feet to the sky and the savanna or velthas few trees so it has only 2 dimensions. Or does it?

Environmental Education Savannah-Tropical Rainforest School Assemblies

The Southeast Asian Rainforests are larger than the South American ones if you combine all their land area.

Environmental Education Savannah-Tropical Rainforest School Assemblies

The South African Savanna is known as the velt or veldt. Home to the African Rock Python, Savanna Monitor, Leopard Tortoise and others.

 Possible Animals List

Tropical Rainforest -Savanna

From the savanna, the African Rock Python from eastern Africa is known for an appetite that includes nearly any animal it can catch: and Leopard Tortoise from southern Africa manages to find enough places to hide in a land where everything is open.

Tropical Rainforest -Savanna

From the Tropical Rainforests of Indonesia is the Reticulated Python, perhaps the most striking of all the large snakes; its distant cousin the Asian Water Monitor is from the same Asian area, and is now made famous by the Disney show “Jessie.”. No program on Environmental Education Tropical Rainforest could be complete without discussing 2 of it’s largest predators.

Tropical Rainforest -Savanna

The Crocodile Turtle from central Africa has a very good reason why it’s called a “crocodile” turtle, one most would not guess! The Rainbow Boa from Brazil is certainly beautiful but usually a handful.

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Tropical Rainforest -Savanna

The Budgetts Frog from Argentina looks like a comedian’s idea of a frog–and lives like it! The Savanna Monitor from southern Africa is exported from Africa for pets by the hundreds of thousands!.

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