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Spider and Insect School Assemblies

Having Spider and Insect School Assemblies in your school can be used for several purposes. First kids are intrigued by Insects and Spiders, they love them, so its easy to teach curriculum points through them. These animals are very useful for teaching a great variety of subjects from, What’s a habitat? to Predator-Prey relationships, to understanding and appreciating life, all life, on Earth.

Spider and Insect School Assemblies Array of Creatures

Spider and Insect School Assemblies

The Madagascar Hissing Roach is something of a celebrity, having been used on the sets of movies and TV shows for decades. The reasons its so popular is because it has no wings to fly away;, cannot survive on wallpaper and paint like the common German species we have in the US; are slow moving and easily handled and are BIG! The Centipede is not an insect but a myriapod, a distant cousin. These creatures do not tame as do the roaches, so they are displayed within their travelling containers. Their power is fearsome that if they were 8 feet long they could prey on rhinos!



Spider and Insect School Assemblies

The Theraphosa, or “Bird-Eating Spider” doesn’t actually eat birds generally, but would be large enough to take small ones. These spiders are large enough that you can hear their foot steps! (Only from Snakes-N-Scales’ Spider and Insect School Assemblies!) The Lubber Grasshopper is an insect that can be found from coast to coast, in fields and forests, swamps and hillsides. They are very successful and provide food for many animals.The Giant Water Bug is one of the top predators of the pond, taking on not just other insects but small turtles, fish and even snakes! The Swallowtail Butterfly is an amazing example of an animal with a purpose. This butterfly form is solely to find a mate. Shortly after one is found, they die.


Spider and Insect School Assemblies

The Bumble Bee is having a resurgence in the US due to the Honey Bee suffering from a fungus and almost going extinct. (Nature fills in the blanks.) It should “bee” noted though, that the Honey Bee is an imported animal, the Bumble Bee is native. The Millipede is another Myriapod, like the Centipede. Unlike its cousin, the millipede is a plant eater.

bumblebee- Futureman1199

Spider and Insect School Assemblies

Like most spiders, the Mexican Fire Leg Tarantula, looks like a troublesome animal but really wants nothing to do with humans. The Emperor Scorpion is the largest of its group. An arachnid like the spider, the scorpion is a specialist spider predator, though they will take insects too. The Blue Death Feigning Beetle makes for an amusing spectacle of itself as it falls over every time you touch it, hoping you’ll lose interest and go away. A class clown for sure!

Spider and Insect School Assemblies

And please don’t worry if the adults are freaked out by these animals. We are very careful not to allow them to get free and we would never try to upset anyone with them.

This is, without doubt, an unusual choice for an assembly. But it can be accomplished because we have the technology to put the size problem out of the way.

Spider and Insect School Assemblies

This is what makes it all possible! A live magnification movie camera so the insects and spiders come our clearer and sharper than if they were in your hand.

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Wanaque School Thank You!

Prices for Spider and Insect School Assemblies

North NJ (201,973,908,)                                             $350

Central NJ & SI (732, 609, 856, 718 excluding so NJ)  $375

South NY, LI(845, 914, 516, 631)                                $375

NYC(212, 718, 917, 646, 347)                                       $450

No. PA (Delaware Valley),                                            $375

CT (203)                                                                       $375

Philly & South NJ (Atlantic, Cape May, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland)   $350

 Returning yearly customers may pay the same price as last year for the same shows.


If you use us for multiple options, I.E. an Anti-Bullying show, a Reptile show and an Aquatic show, all in the same school year, we will discount all your shows!

Discounts also for small audiences, (under 20,) and multiple back to back programs, (over 1.)

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