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Spider and Bug Party

Having a Spider and Bug Party with these creatures is now very possible thanks our technology and experience. Bugs, or insects and spiders, are fascinating to many kids and US too! 

At Snakes-N-Scales, our goal is always to entertain while we educate, never to scare or discourage. And that includes the moms and sisters of the birthday child! We will not even pretend to throw a spider or fake lose a roach in your couch! We want everyone to enjoy the day, not be traumatized by it.

Insects are very often just seasonal survivors, completing their entire life cycle from March to October, so we cannot guarantee any particular bug.  The tarantulas, scorpions, centipedes and death feigning beetles are generally very long lived animals, so if you’re looking to see those, even in January, that’s usually possible. But when you call to book we will be happy to discuss what we have at the moment.



Spider and Bug Party

The Mexican Fire-Leg Tarantula, like most spiders is actually a very calm, almost cowardly creature. — We’ll bring along an Emperor Scorpion too. These fellows are not always friendly, but you have to be patient with them, they were the first animals to walk on land. Maybe they’re still holding a 500 million year old grudge!–  The Death Feigning Beetle makes for a rather amusing display as it falls over every time you touch it, hoping you’ll lose interest and go away. Spiders that hunt on the ground will usually run into their prey to over power it. When the death feigning beetle is hit, he just stays down. The spider thinks he’s found a body of a bug and walks off! Every Bug Party needs a clown! 

Spider and Bug Party

chinese mantid, Spider and Bug Party

The Chinese Mantis was brought to the US in 1896, and for the most part has been a positive addition to our native species. These animals are seasonal, so we may not always have one, especially during the winter. When the mantis is young, it can neither fly nor bite, so we’ll carry it on our hand. Later on in the year we clip their wings so they can’t get away. They are not touchable by the children however, as they do nip a bit. Nothing serious, but why scare someone?

1. Pronus (Titanus) Giganteus beetle;

Spider and Bug Party

Bumble Bees are the most peaceful of bees, but don’t worry, we won’t let it out!–Have you ever heard of a myriapod? They are the centipedes and millipedes. The millipedes are content to eat the rotting plants of the planet. Lots to learn in our Bug Party!

bumblebee- Futureman1199

Bug Party

Theraphosa or the Giant Bird Eating Spider–This is the largest type of spider in the world. And though we won’t let you pet it, you will see it up close. And with our magnifying camera you can look at it eye to eye to eye to eye to eye to eye to eye to eye! –The lubber, or more commonly, grasshopper, is something of a monster in the insect world. It’s has armor like a battleship but it can fly; and though it’s a vegetarian, groups of these insects can wipe out whole areas of all plant life. –Another monster of the small is the Giant Water Bug which has been seen eating everything from small frogs to baby turtles and snakes!–And then there is the beautiful Swallowtail butterfly to brighten the day.


Spider and Bug Party

We do use some non-live specimens, like this long-jawed spider in her web. It allows us to talk about something rather hard to hold, a web, right in the middle of the show!

1. Beetle Cetonia Torquata;

Spider and Bug Party

A species of cockroach, either a Madagascar Hissing or a Death’s Head. Roaches are another bug many people are not crazy about, but in the wild they chew up a great deal of rotting material and pass it out as soil. You just don’t want them doing that in your cornflakes! The centipedes are such amazingly violent hunters; that if sizes were similar, one could easily take down a rhino, tiger or a bear! Fortunately sizes are no where close to similar so they satisfy themselves with spiders.

All the animals of the Spider and Bug Party are NEVER available at the same time. The spiders live for years but the butterfly for a few days! The roaches are easy to maintain but the Bumble Bee we’ll grab as we get into the car to come to your house and then we release it again when we get back. The species of centipede or millipede will change but we always use an Emperor Scorpion because they are the calmest and mildest of all their kind.

 Some of these will be touchable, and we can even let them run across your arm, but others will be “look and see” bugs only. Unlike our snakes and alligators, bugs are untrainable, so we must be very careful that everyone stays safe. And of course they must all come home with us!

We are also certain that you will enjoy the Spider and Bug Party much more if you can see all the small details of these creatures, so we are including our amazing magna-camera in the show as well.

Bug Party

Our Magnification camera, which makes all this possible! A big reason why you don’t want just somebody bringing a few roaches and a tarantula, and calling it a bug party! Aside from the lack of variety, it’s hard to see details on an animal that’s only 4 inches long! Especially when there are 20 kids that want to see. Our camera makes that animal 40 ft long!–Now everyone can see.

Prices for Spider and Bug Party

North NJ (201,973,908,)                                             $375

Central NJ & SI (732, 609, 856, 718 excluding so NJ)  $375

South NY, Brklyn, Queens, Bronx, LI(845, 914, 516, 631)             $385

NYC, Manhattan Only (212, 917, 646, 347)                                       $450

No. PA (Delaware Valley),                                            $385

CT (203)                                                                       $385

Philly & South NJ (Atlantic, Cape May, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland)   $400

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