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Snakes-N-Scales Reviews

Snakes-N-Scales Reviews: What do our customers say? Some people ask for a recommendation or review prior to booking. That’s why this page is here. This allows a few clients to express how they feel about us. Everything you read in this section is directly from our customers, and is placed on these pages with their permission.

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bill hernia and scouts Snakes-N-Scales Reviews

 Snakes-N-Scales Reviews from

When Princeton Public Library says “back by popular demand” in our publicity for any programs by Bill Boesenberg and his colleagues at Snakes-N-Scales and Turtle Tales, it is an understatement. Bill has presented his reptile program to standing room only crowds as the keystone to our Spring Break Science series for several years. Kids and their parents in Princeton know that they will be enlightened, educated and entertained. We know the presenter will be on time, on topic, and passionate about the subject. AND the price is so reasonable! The only hard part about having Snakes-n-Scales do programs at the library is choosing which show to book!

 Snakes-N-Scales Reviews from

Dear Bill,

Snakes-n-Scales hosted my son’s 4th birthday party in NYC.  It was beyond phenomenal and worth every penny. I was concerned about having 25 kids in my NYC apartment, but every child sat still and was completely mesmerized and engaged for the hour presentation.  The show was educational and fun for both the children and parents. There were a variety of animals and everything was very clean. From a business standpoint, both Pete and Bill were very professional, punctual and great to deal with. All the parents have been to their share of birthday parties, but the feedback about the party was “awesome’, “amazing” , “incredible party”  “best party ever” ” my son hasn’t stopped talking about it” etc. The best part for me was when my birthday boy looked at me and said, “Mommy I love it”. The only negative for me is I don’t know what I am going to do for his birthday party next year that will even come close to how great this one was! 

Thank you Snakes-N-Scales!

Anti-Bullying School Assemblies

Snakes-N-Scales Reviews -From a 5th Grader

My name is Victoria i am from Woodmont School i am a 5th grader.  I saw you come to my school i was sitting in the 2nd row in the front. I just wanted to tell you that your Snakes-N-Scales show is AMAZING!!!! Miss Wess loved it!!!! (so did i)  I think that it is amazing how good your realationship with the animals!!!!! My favorite was the water-motor!!!! i thought it was amazing!!  i just cant believe how it tore your shirt!!!!

Victoria-of Woodmont School-5th grade

Snakes-N-Scales Reviews

Snakes-N-Scales Reviews vs another company

Jane York

Hi all! Just wanted to comment that the Snakes-N-Scales show I saw tonight at JFK Library in Piscataway hosted by Bill was truly comical & FASINATING!! I am also an animal LOVER, but of the FURRY kind.. I do and ALWAYS will have an INTENSE fear of snakes.. None-the-less, I never wish to instill my fears into my (3) children.. They really were intreaged by Bill’s GREAT program, ..Absolutely the BEST!! I commend you!  Great praise for the awesome rescue work!! I wish everyone felt like this about animals.. I want to pass your business card onto the head of our local schools’ organization, in the fall.. They have had the Lizard Guys come every year, but their show & educational information does not compare at all to yours.. Hopefully, I will see you again this coming school year!! Thanks again for the GREAT show & sharing your beautiful animals with US!!

Snakes-N-Scales ReviewsSnakes-N-Scales Reviews–Not Just Bill! 

Wow!!! Thank you so much Snakes-N-Scales for the hour-long presentation of frogs, snakes, lizards, tortoise, and python. My 5-year-old was enthralled and thrilled beyond words. All 20 of his closest friends were completely captivated too. The parents are still raving about the party almost a month later, even talking about what they learned.

Kiki had a real depth of knowledge, and she managed the kids with great expertise by answering questions and making it loads of fun. When one child asked if the Bearded Dragon could breathe fire, she brought up the birthday boy to test out the lizard to see whether he could or not.

Very suspenseful, very fun. All the children loved touching the animals–while Kiki made the birthday boy feel extra special doing things like wrapping the python around him, etc. One parent told me that she’d attended another birthday party at our local zoo, and that Snakes-n-Scales’ party outdid theirs! My son went to the playground the next day with a stroller full of his reptile and frog stuffed animals and acted out his own show for all the children there–asking them to wash their hands after touching the animals, etc, just as Kiki did. What a riot! He’s still talking about the show.

I couldn’t be more impressed and I couldn’t recommend you more highly. You have my permission to use this review in your promotional materials if you wish.

Snakes-N-Scales Reviews from one of hundreds of schools


On behalf of the Staff of Somerset Hills School,  I would like to express our overwhelming satisfaction  with Snakes-N-Scales and the Strange World of Reptiles Program. Through an interactive and multi-sensory approach, they captivated and enlightened our audience. They spoke with enthusiasm and passion about crocodiles, turtles, lizards, and snakes. Using live reptiles, the instructor demonstrated the behaviors, personalities, and relationships of his various, interesting and rare animals.

The Reptile Guy in NJ

Reptile Birthday Party Bergen NJ Snakes-N-Scales Reviews

Snakes-N-Scales Reviews vs another entertainer group

Hello to Everyone at Snakes-N-Scales , They did an AMAZING job! The kids and Adults had a blast . It was very educational and very funny ! All the phone calls I have received today were parents friends and family calling us telling us how much fun the kids had, and of course how much fun they had too ! You have definitely topped the Mad Science Birthday Party! And the kids (and adults) Loved the stuffed snakes ! Thank you again soo much, we all had soo much fun ! Again Thank you everyone at Snakes-N-Scales

Snakes-N-Scales Reviews

Snakes-N-Scales Reviews from a professional in the education field

I can not express enough how absolutely excellent the instructor from Snakes-N-Scales was today. He’s funny, informative and terrific with the kids. He is so great at what he does and so lucky to be able to work for what he loves. I hope to be able to work with your company again in the future and I would be happy to be a reference to promote your programs.

Snakes-N-Scales Reviews from a happy school

Dear Bill, Thank you so much for the Snakes-N-Scales presentation at Adamsville School. It was a big hit! Your presentation style along with your live animals had a captive audience. The kids are still talking  about it. Pictures from our Adamsville Animal Adventure Week have been on Posters hanging in the hallways since April–still amazing to look at. Recently, I took my soon-to-be kindergartner in for Orientation at Adamsville. The pictures were posted along the hallways we walked. Every single parent stopped to look at what exciting things the PTO and School Council did for the kids.  YOU were our kick-off to a phenomenal week. I know you do presentations often, but please know you and your animals touched the lives and encouraged the learning of 100 second graders. I’m certain they will remember for years from now. I don’t know if anyone from Adamsville sent you a Thank You Note. Regardless, I am thanking you. And, I’ve got 8 more years with children at Adamsville. I will be certain to contact you if another opportunity comes long to get you into our school to again amaze and influence the kids.

Snakes-N-Scales Reviews

Snakes-N-Scales Reviews for a veterans family group

ENS MARK BENDER, Training Officer,
Atlantic Strike Team, Fort Dix, NJ-
I wanted to personally thank Snakes-N-Scales for coming out and spending the day with us last week. The presentation was outstanding and everyone enjoyed it thoroughly. I want to thank you for your patience with us as the schedule shifted, and for the extra time you spent with the kids at the conclusion of the event.  Outstanding job, and again, thank you!

Snakes-N-Scales Reviews

I just had to tell you how tickled I was with the reptile show today for my daughter’s 6th birthday party. We had approximately 25 5-6 year olds. Snakes-N-Scales kept them glued to their seats listening to every word. The kids loved it (in fact at one point several of them asked if Miss J could come to their party). Even the adults loved watching and listening.. And, my mom who is deathly afraid of snakes touched pickles, the legless lizard and the 50 lb python. This party was worth every penny! I would recommend it to everyone!
Thanks for making the party such a success.

Snakes-N-Scales Reviews

Snakes-N-Scales Reviews for a Birthday Party

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks  again for the outstanding  job Snakes-N-Scales did for my son’s 3rd bday party. From the first time I looked at the website I knew I had the right people to make the day memorable for everyone. You were very helpful on the phone and the invites were a big hit. The kids, parents and even grandparents really enjoyed the show. We got some excellent pictures and learned lots of things we never knew about all the reptile friends that came to visit. I have told so many people about you guys and hope they will be calling you for parties and school functions in the near future. We really look forward to seeing you again and appreciate what a great job you did. You really made a little boy’s birthday extra special. Please feel free to use my name/comments for reference.
Snakes-N-Scales is the best!
Washington Township NJ

Snakes-N-Scales Reviews

I just wanted to send you an e-mail to express my thanks for making my daughter Emilia’s 6th birthday party an unforgettable event. I was so thrilled that all 17 kids sat and enjoyed every second. And they were  ages 2-8 ! Thank you, Snakes-N-Scales instructors and your reptile friends, you were really wonderful!! I have not stopped receiving thanks from the children and the parents. We all loved it and learned so much. I think you guys are doing such great work. Thank you again.

Snakes-N-Scales Reviews from another grateful library

JUDY K. FLAMMINO, The Chester Library-
We had our Snakes-N-Scales presentation a few weeks ago and it was fabulous. We have had reptile shows every summer forever and this was the best. We had no complaints only compliments from all the parents, and that’s amazing.

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