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Snake Party

This Snake Party will make your guests stand up and take notice. These snakes are some of the most beautiful animals on the planet.  
The Snake Party isn’t based on habitats, animal behavior or natural history, (though we will be covering these points in the program) this Snake Party Theme is all about the amazing attractiveness, unique abilities and astonishing behaviors of these magnificent creatures. 

Your Snake Party will include 7 of these:

Snake Party, reptile party for kids

Albino Burmese Python is a gentle beauty that everyone can touch. Once a rare unusual find among python breeders, the Albino Burm is now a common snake due to breeding in quantity for its amazing color. Considered the darlings of the giant snakes, the Burmese Pythons, or “Burms” are by far the easiest, most peaceful most inoffensive of the large snakes. Certainly a keeper for any snake birthday.


Snake Party

When considering reptile birthday party ideas, few think, “Anaconda!” But with us you can! The Green Anaconda is the largest snake on Earth, with the potential of reaching 600 pounds! Ours will be considerably smaller! Unfortunately this is a beauty that doesn’t have a gentle bone in its body! NO TOUCHING HERE! The Anacondas are very often aggressive and at minimum unpredictable. We will be very safe, have no fear, we have long experience with these snakes. In fact we are the only NJ organization that rescues Anacondas.–Safety, always safety! Again, we have long experience with these snakes and we know how to handle them for the safety and enjoyment of all. In their native South American home the Green Anacondas are known for eating just about anything that happens along, though they do not eat humans. The less friendly snakes will be presented as we handle them from a distance. They will come out of their carriers but access is restricted. We have the skill to show these amazing animal to you without worry.—Unfortunately, if this snake party takes place out NJ, these animals cannot attend due to a stupid federal law that bans us from crossing state lines. Because no Snake Party, in New Jersey or out of it, should be without a Green Anaconda!

snake reptile Coluber eximius. (1842)

snake party

The Rainbow Boa, from the tropical rainforest of South America, is perhaps the most beautiful non-venomous snake. As a boa it is a constrictor and its bite is not dangerous. We have several, some maybe touched depending on circumstances.—The Green Tree Python is another amazingly beautiful snake. Affectionately called a “shark on a stick” these snakes rarely calm down even when raised in captivity for generations. Either of these snakes will add some pizzazz to your Snake Party.

snakes reptiles 4

Snake party

The Kenyan Sand Boa is a small but rarely seen boa at any snake party, except ours! An African desert species these small boas have a shy charm.— The Boa Constrictor is the commonly seen big snake at many Snake Parties, but don’t that stop you if you like them! The Boa Constrictor will serve as our finale snake to your Snake Party, outside the state of New Jersey. —The Dumeril’s Boa is a very attractive snake from the island of Madagascar.

Reptile Birthday Party Morris NJ

The Honduran Milksnake is one often confused with the venomous Coral Snake. We assume having your enemies go screaming through the forest would be a good thing.— The California Kingsnake is a US native and a common pet. Their appeal is understandable as they are not huge, easily handled and are very good eaters.— The Black Ratsnake is the largest snake in NJ and a frequent find in bird houses and squirrel nests. Many people become upset when they find their local robins are gone but that is the way nature works. We do not dwell on predator-prey relationships with younger kids, we have no wish to upset them, but we don’t hide it either. Our Snake Party, like all our presentations are educationally based. They must be fun, no doubt, but the snakes don’t do tricks! The interesting part about these creatures is the facts and stories we can tell about them.

snakes reptiles6

snake party

The Brooks Kingsnake, the Desert Kingsnake and the Western Hognose are all very easily touched by everyone. All are docile and easy pets. the Snake Party is great way to do a sampler on snake you may want to consider for your budding herpetologist. We especially enjoy the Hognose snake, whose pushed up nose and blunt little face qualify him as, “cute.” Perhaps the only snake that could claim that title!

Reptile Birthday Party Morris NJ

Snake Party

No snake party would be complete without a giant visiting! The finale will be a larger snake of impressive size, usually a Burmese Python if its a New Jersey Snake Party. Outside NJ we will bring a large Boa Constrictor. The”Burm” is our favorite snake! They are patient beyond a dog’s understanding of the word, yet still curious and peaceful. These great snakes are found in southeast Asia naturally, but have accidentally been introduced into the Everglades in Florida. This is the cause of the recent change in federal laws that restricts us from crossing state lines with them. In actuality they are very sensitive to temperature and could not survive outside of the sub-tropical temps of southern Florida. —–You’ve seen other’s birthday party reptile shows? They don’t compare!

snake reptile Helicops erythrogrammus. (1842)

Snakes are one of the most maligned animals, perhaps the most (though sharks and spiders must be close), on the planet. If a pig ran someone down on the street it would get barely a notice, but have a child get bit by his pet python and it makes news coast to coast. We hope this Snake Party program will show how beautiful and peaceful they can be and thereby help allay some of the anxiety so many feel about them.

Would you like a much more personal program that allows your child to sit with a snake in his/her lap the whole time? Try our Snake Experience a Snake Party like no other!  Did you want something more general that will appeal to all, but still retain a great wow factor? Try our Radical Reptiles Party.

Or perhaps you’re looking for the biggest reptiles possible to be brought to a show? Again, we have what you’re looking for! The Giant Reptiles is the Reptile Party to end all Reptile Parties!

No snakes allowed?! How about a Fish Party? Something new, that you’ve never seen before? How about a little Reptile Magic!


NORTH NJ (201,973,908,)                                                           $375
CENTRAL NJ & SI (732, 609, 856, 718 Excluding So NJ)      $375
SOUTH NY, LI (845, 914, 516, 631)                                            $375
NYC (212, 718, 917, 646, 347)                                                       $460
No. PA (Delaware Valley),                                                           $375
CT (203)                                                                                          $375
PHILLY & SOUTH NJ (Atlantic, Cape May, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland)     $425

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There are always discounts or upgrades, (our option) for returning customers. Discounts also for multiple programs, (over 2.)

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