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Sharks Ocean Animals School Assemblies

Sharks Ocean Animals School Assemblies is another unique school assembly you won’t see even from large aquariums. This programs looks at Ocean Animals of the coral reefs including fish, turtles and sharks.   What is a reef? How did it get there? Who lives there and how do they live? These are a few of the questions that will be addressed. 

Animals of Sharks Ocean Animals School Assemblies

Sharks Ocean Animals School Assemblies

The Lunare Wrasse in its glorious shades of red and yellow, is a common sight on the reef. The wrasse is a “cleaner fish,” a fish that picks off small parasites from other fish. Often these service fish are able to swim near dangerous predators in complete safety due their “service contracts” with the bigger fish!

Spotted trunk fish

Sharks Ocean Animals School Assemblies

This Diamondback terrapin isn’t a reef animal, nor even an actual sea turtle. But since the sea turtles are enormous and impossible to use, we thought that the Diamondback would stand in nicely. Turtles as ocean going creatures, were once very common millions of years ago, but the appearance of seals and dolphins have reduced their abundance over the eons. More recently humans have nearly exterminated them for food and through habitat destruction.


Sharks Ocean Animals School Programs

The Urchin is an echinoderm, a type of creature that has a round body with it’s soft parts on the inside and armor plating on the outside.


Sharks Ocean Animals School Programs

There is no such thing as a “star fish.” Sea stars are not fish at all, but they are echinoderms like the urchin. The word “fish” was used for hundreds of years for all animals that lived in the water from what we call fish to whales and dolphins. This is a Chocolate Sea Star. They’re amazing creatures though! They regrow body parts, shove their internal organs out through their mouths and have enough power to open oysters and clams. Sharks Ocean Animals School Assemblies are a great way to get your facts straight while never losing sight of the amazing!


Sharks Ocean Animals School Assemblies

The Stingray is actually a very close cousin to the shark and they share the same ancestor. More shy than the shark, the rays are usually hiding beneath the sand where they hunt small crabs and fish. Sharks Ocean Animals School Assemblies is a great program to show off the variety of the reef.


Sharks Ocean Animals School Programs

Crabs clean the ocean floor, the coral, the beach and even the fish themselves sometimes. They are frightening to look at but mostly shy creatures that use their claws for defense and food finding.


Sharks Ocean Animals School Assemblies

Sharks Ocean Animals School Assemblies will present, the now most famous fish in the world, the clown fish, which most kids simply refer to as, “Nemo.” These attractive little fish are able to hide and live within the tentacles of venomous animals called anemones.


Sharks Ocean Animals School Assemblies

There are 2 sharks in this show, neither is alive, but one is very real. This is a Bamboo Shark skin, stuffed to appear as it did in life. This gives the children a chance to touch a real shark. We stopped using live sharks due the difficulty in keeping them unstressed during transport. Sharks Ocean Animals School Assemblies looks at the world that the shark is king of, the coral reef.


Sharks Ocean Animals School Assemblies

For the feel of a “real” shark you can’t beat our Black Tip Shark model! At 4 feet long and a very good likeness, kids ask how long can it stay out water! It looks more like the shark week TV sharks many are used to. The Black Tips are amazing sharks that communicate to one another by a “voice” contact to cooperate for defense and food finding.

Our magna-video camera, (see inset photo) will allow all to see, the tiny but nonetheless amazing, parts of the smaller animals. Several of these animals can be touched if the group size isn’t too big, and the group is generally asked to come up and take a closer look at the end of the presentation.

This show, like all our shows, will presented using our brand of jokes, stories and “animal’s eye views.” We strongly believe that all programs, to be effective, MUST be entertaining.

The program is adaptable for multiple levels and will include aspects of taxonomy, predator/prey relationships, habitat adaptations, biodiversity and human interference and responsibility. Grade appropriate of course.

This program is preschool approved and adaptable.


A very important aspect of Sharks Ocean Animals School Assemblies is our magnification camera which allows the small details to seen at 50 times their normal size.

Our Hyper-Cam

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Sharks Ocean Animals School Assemblies

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If you use us for multiple options, I.E. an Anti-Bullying show, a Reptile show and an Aquatic show, all in the same school year, we will discount all your shows!

Discounts also for small audiences, (under 20,) and multiple back to back programs, (over 1.)

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