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Shark Party

Unfortunately, this party no longer offers a live shark. The reasons are pretty simple. We have found that the sharks require more time, attention and care than the over all popularity of the program provides for. We have also found that somehow, in spite of having photos of exactly what we bring, many people still expected a Great White Shark to hop out of our mini van! And lastly, everyone wants to touch the shark, and who can blame them? But the shark can’t handle the attention.

So…what did we do?

We changed to a preserved shark, still a real shark, just not a live one. This allows everyone to touch and isn’t hard on the animal. We also added shark teeth to touch, shark jaws to see and a model of a shark that is real enough to give you pretty good idea of what many of these animals are like.

And, of course, there are still several live animals that come along to fill out what the shark’s world is like.


The only Shark Party in existence.

Shark Party

This is what the shark looked like when it was alive. A Brown Banded Bamboo Shark, that was someone’s pet and is now a preserved, “stuffed” if you like, specimen. They are small sharks, but they ARE sharks!

Shark party

This actually what we bring. To the touch there is no difference.

The pet sharks are raised on farms, not wild caught. We are strong supporters of limiting the shark fishing done all over the world. We hope that through fun, but educational programs like this Shark Party that children will grow to appreciate these extraordinary animals and wish to preserve them for all time!

Shark Party

The jaws of a Mako Shark. The Mako is the closest living relative to the Great White.

bonnethead shark party


shark party 1

Our Shark Party offer a good variety of animals.–The Yellow Tang is also called the Surgeon Fish because it has a “scalpel” like barb at the base of it’s tail. It uses this barb to prevent to much curiosity from others!– The Sea Star, (long called the star fish though it certainly is no fish, ) has the ability to pull clams apart using is bare, “hand.” Which is actually covered with thousands of tiny suction cups. And with our amazing magnifying video camera you will see them clearly.– The Snowflake Moray Eel has 2 sets of jaws. It bites and holds with the outer set and then attacks with the inner set, pulling it’s prey apart.– The urchin looks more like a plant than an animal, until you see all it’s long sucker-like feet pulling it along.


shark party 2

The Clownfish, made famous by the “Finding Nemo” movie, has the ability to live in the stinging arms of the anemone unharmed. And the Diamondback Terrapin Turtle is a resident of the NJ shoreline and beaches. It is the only turtle that enters the ocean that isn’t a sea turtle with flippers. And all the animals presented in the Shark Party it is the most likely animal to be hunted by a shark.


Shark Party

The finale of the party is a 4 ft Plexiglas model of a Black Tip Shark, which is real enough looking to have scared it’s share of people, even though it comes out of a cardboard box! This model allows us to talk about the big guys! How Great White Sharks, and their close cousins the Black Tips, live in the wild, how they hunt, their senses and why they are so important to the Earth’s oceans.

Prices for the Shark Party

 North NJ (201,973,908,)                                                                    $350

 Central NJ & SI (732, 609, 856, 718 excluding so NJ)           $350

 South NY, LI(845, 914,  516, 631)                                                   $350

  NYC(212, 718, 917, 646, 347)                                                         $400

 No. PA (Delaware Valley),                                                                  $350

 CT (203)                                                                                                      $350

 Philly & South NJ (Atlantic, Cape May, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland)   $400

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