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Scout Blue And Gold Dinner Themes

 The Scout Blue and Gold Dinner is your biggest night of the year, you want it to be special. We have the experience, the training and the animals to make sure that all of your guests and scouts will remember this night for the rest of their lives!

Scout Blue And Gold Dinner Themes

Scout Blue And Gold–If its alright with your leadership and parents there is usually a big python for holding. Completely safely of course, the snakes we use are always well prepared and used to being held and we never relinquish the head.

The Scout Blue and Gold Dinner presents a challenge to many presenters because of the range of people in attendance. This is not the time to be talking baby talk to the little ones or perhaps worse speaking only to the adults! It requires a style of speaking that everyone in the room will find informative and fun, and that’s what we do best! 

Below are just a few options that we think work best specifically for the Blue and Gold Dinner setting, but we are always willing to discuss your particular likes or needs. You may choose anything we do and we will discount it for you at the school price!

Reptile Birthday Party Morris NJ

Scout Blue And Gold Dinner Themes

If you schedule Bill to come your Scout Blue and Gold Dinner you will be very surprised at how much fun the kids have while learning a great deal. All our instructors are experienced and excellent presenters.

 This is THE show for a Scout Blue and Gold. You will find nothing better. This program offers a few very large reptiles and, almost always, Bill Boesenberg, The NJ Crocodile Hunter and Herpetologist, himself.

Scout Blue And Gold Dinner Themes

The America Alligator and the Burmese Python are 100 pounds +! The show is funny, interesting for everyone and a real attention getter! Nobody talks during this show, except for exclamations of astonishment! 

Scout Blue And Gold Dinner Themes

 The Radical Reptiles is a bit broader in scope but less impressive in size of the animals. Offering some unique animals, not found in other shows, including an Anaconda, a Soft Shelled turtle, a Tegu and then a Burmese Python and American Alligator, as in the Great Reptiles, but smaller individuals.   

Both these shows have their basic backgrounds in common, not because they are so similar but because what is covered is important. You can be sure that either will work very well for a  Scout Blue And Gold Dinner because they have been done hundreds of times already.

The animals are always under our control, if an animal is going to be touched by an audience member you maybe assured it is safe to do so.

You will never see this type of thing at one of our shows!

RIZZOs reptiles

Dom Rizzo drags a water monitor, unrestrained!!! passed a class of kids. Click on the photo if you want to read more.

The information presented covers a wide range from where the animals live, what they eat and how they get it, their wild habitats, their problems with people and their personalities. All covered with humor, factoids and a way of looking at the world that we call the “animals’ eye view.”

And of course, we also discuss our rescue of that animal. We feel it’s very important that everyone learn how these animals came to us in the hopes that this information will be used to improve the lot of the next pet anyone decides to get.

 Scout Blue And Gold

Prices for the Scout Blue And Gold GREAT REPTILES

Prices are less outside NJ due to federal laws preventing certain animals from leaving the state, therefore the cost is lower.

NORTH NJ (201,973,908,)       $425
CENTRAL NJ & SI (732, 609, 856, 718 Excluding So NJ)   $450
SOUTH NY (845, 914, 516, 631)   $450
NYC (212, 718, 917, 646, 347)       $525
No. PA (Delaware Valley),             $460
CT (203)                                            $460
PHILLY & SOUTH NJ (Atlantic, Cape May, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland)    $500

Prices for the Scout Blue And Gold RADICAL REPTILES

NORTH NJ (201,973,908,)                                                                $360
CENTRAL NJ & SI (732, 609, 856, 718 Excluding So NJ)             $375
SOUTH NY (845, 914, 516, 631)                                                       $375
NYC (212, 718, 917, 646, 347)                                                         $450
No. PA (Delaware Valley),                                                               $375
CT (203)                                                                                          $375
PHILLY & SOUTH NJ (Atlantic, Cape May, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland)      $425

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