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Science School Assemblies NJ NY NYC CT PA

Science Assemblies NJ NY NYC CT PA is a list of programs that is done mostly or entirely WITHOUT live animals. Several of these shows can come at big discounts if you add them on to live animal shows.

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Science School Assemblies NJ NY NYC CT PA

The Skulls Horns and Teeth Science School Assembly brings in a wide assortment of skulls for a visually stimulating discussion of what this set of bones is used for throughout the vertebrate kingdom. All studies of skeletons seem to inevitably center on the skull, as it is the most crucial area of anatomy. Nearly all vertebrates have most of their senses here, most vertebrates use their teeth to both catch and process their food and of course the brain is here. The skull is developed to many variations to do essentially the same jobs for all animals; bring the information from the senses close to the brain to facilitate speed in responding, catch, and if necessary kill the food animal and once in a while for defense, display or settling disputes.

Skulls Horns and Teeth Science School Assemblies

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Science School Assemblies NJ NY NYC CT PA

The Dinosaurs and Fossils School Assemblies are a quick peek into the past through an investigation of the methods used by paleontologists. Modern animals are compared with ancient ones to identify similarities and differences. Some facts can be learned and other times only hypothesizes can be drawn. The purpose of this program is learn how science works, take a glimpse at animals long vanished, like Dinosaurs and see modern animals as instructive for learning about the past.

Dinosaurs and Fossils Science School Assemblies

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Science School Assemblies NJ NY NYC CT PA

Snakes-N-Scales Saves the Whales and “goes off the deep end” to offer a program that has no live animals in it! No real whales, of course, but a great interesting combination of real and artificial hand specimens, illustrative posters and photos, and a few short video clips. These Whales Assemblies offer much more than just a few pictures or a sleepy slide show!


Save The Whales Science School Assemblies


Science School Assemblies NJ NY NYC CT PA

Shark School Program is entirely about sharks, to our knowledge, is a completely unique program offered nowhere else. This show can be done with a live shark as the finale or without one, if the rules do not allow live animals. Shark School Program covers shark family history and diversity, relationships to their habitat, predators and prey, biology, new research and relationship to humans.

 Sharks Science School Assemblies

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