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School Assemblies

 For in the end,

We will conserve only what we love,
We will love only what we understand,
We will understand only what we are taught.–Baba Dioum

For me, nothing could be truer! Over the course of 3 decades of school assemblies I have seen the wonderful results of giving kids access to animals in a real and meaningful way. Sharing my love, curiosity and wonder of these creatures with school children has been my life’s work, side by side with saving the reptiles themselves.  Perhaps the closest to home result of this is that 2 of my instructors were students that saw me in their classes. Ken Cribier and Erin Mellini were, at one time, sitting in an assembly I performed in their school.

Reptile Birthday Party Passaic NJ

Bringing animals into a school setting is something that should only be done by people who really understand their animals and their responsibility. This page, School Assemblies, is our introduction to what we do and how we go about it. From this page you will find all our elementary school assemblies briefly explained and linked. We believe strongly in the usefulness of animal programs in schools to boost enthusiasm for learning, to increase relevancy of curriculum material and to bring an important part of our world home to children that may no longer have a great many options of seeing these animals otherwise.

school programs

Bill and Hernia, the Burmese Python, and others, visited the Community Charter School in Paterson NJ. This particular show was covering NJ ASK mathematics material. These kids had an very small experience of any animals, much less large reptiles. But, in spite of some apprehension at first, they were inspired to participate in the class and when they returned to their own classes the teachers reported a much higher enthusiasm level for weeks afterward using the information they learned with us.

Animal, or environmental education, is so important for our collective futures and yet is so badly neglected so often.  The amazing thing is not just that without a healthy environment we cannot continue; so having to justify why this is important shouldn’t be hard, but that these school assemblies can so easily be interwoven with other topics.

These animals, sometimes so alien from us, that first caught my interest when I was 2 years old playing with Dinosaur toys.

snake reptile Coluber vernalis. (1842)

Elementary School Assemblies Options

In the menu, connected in a series down from this page, are the many choices we offer the elementary school. I will be brief in my analysis and recommendations but I felt there should be some explanation to save you time on every page. Not that I would mind you looking at every page! Please feel free!

Great Reptiles School Assemblies

School Assemblies

To put it simply: The Big GUYS!—If you’re looking for a general school assembly for everyone to enjoy and there are 300 kids, this is the one you want. It covers general topics of what the animals are like, what they eat and how they get it, why people feel the way they do toward them and if it’s really necessary.

Reptile School Assemblies in the Classroom

A great general show for the classroom or small-medium sized school assembly. (Under 100 kids)

 turtle reptile Emys rubriventris. (1842)

Radical Reptiles School Assembly

An exciting mid sized show, a little bit of “wow” and maybe some interaction too.

snake reptile Crotalus durissus. (1842)

Tropical Rainforest Assembly

One of many possible habitat based school assemblies. But this one offers large animals, great diversity and a look into a quickly disappearing world.

 Reptile Birthday Party Passaic NJ

Reptiles and Amphibians Assembly

A great way to show classification differences in 2 fascinating animal groups.

Reptile Birthday Party Passaic NJ

Creatures In Mythology, Culture and History

Combining Science and Social Studies this is a great school assembly for a little interdisciplinary work. It helps show that the world is interconnected.

Reptile Birthday Party Morris NJ

Aquatic Life: River Life vs Ocean Life

Uniquely a Snakes-N-Scales offering, this program compares the life in Rivers with life in the Oceans.

Reptile Birthday Party Passaic NJ

Through Another’s Eyes-Anti Bullying Assembly

The Anti-Bullying Assembly for the younger kids. One that won’t scare them with muscle-headed guys talking about crime and punishment, but engage them with strange animals. And invite them to look at the world from a different place.

 turtle reptile Emys Troostii. (1842)

Montclair School of Conservation Field Trips

An SOC field trip is a marvelous experience in the great outdoors of NJ. Make it even more memorable with a Snakes-N-Scales evening performance on reptiles from around the globe.

 turtle reptile Emys Oregoniensis. (1842)

Shark’s Eye View

The shark is the very symbol of the ocean and the life there. This program give a glimpse into how amazing that life can be.

 Reptile Birthday Party Passaic NJ

Savanna-Tropical Rainforest Habitat Comparison

2 important habitats in side by side comparison with animals from both.

Spotted trunk fish

 Cypress Swamp-Llanos Habitat Comparison

Another of what we call, “classic comparisons,” of 2 superficially similar but very different habitats.


Great Swamp NJ-Coral Reef Habitat Comparison

Compare our own backyard to a habitat a world away!


After School Programs

We have an unrivaled after school program. We can bring up to 50 species of animals in one 10 week session!



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