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School Assemblies Great Reptiles


These School Assemblies bring the biggest reptiles in any show within 100 miles, truly our WOW show. It also, usually, brings our herpetologist, and founder Bill Boesenberg himself to your event.

School Assemblies Great Reptiles

The school assembly to beat all school assemblies; Bill, Blue and the rest of the Great Reptiles program will be very well received by all ages! These two have been together for 20 years!

Science School Assemblies Everyone will enjoy!

The “WOW” can come from watching a 100 pound America Alligator, “Blue,” sit in Bill’s lap, like a great black puppy; or from a 6 ft Water Monitor Lizard, “Elizardbeth,” hangout and sniff the air with her foot long tongue, while everyone laughs at the story of how she came to us; or you might be “Wowed” by getting to touch the gentle beautiful giant, “Hernia,” a 100 pound Burmese Python. But we guarantee you’ve never seen School Assemblies like these anywhere before.

We’ll talk about their lives in the wild, their habits and habitats, how they find food and avoid becoming food and their relationships with humans both in the wild and captivity. Our instructors, Bill or not, are experts at enthralling and informing all interest and grade levels with a combination of humor, awe and compassion for creatures to which most people rarely get this close.

School Assemblies

Bill and Hernia, a Burmese Python of over 100 pounds, is another partnership that goes back quite a bit, now over 20 years. Hernia is certainly his favorite snake, ever, and considering all the competition there has been, that’s saying a lot!

Reptile Birthday Party Passaic NJ


Though rather comical, this world view still exists! Where giant snakes pick off unwary travelers from out of the tree tops.

snake reptile Coluber obsoletus. (1842)


Bill and Blue have been doing this a long time together. This photo is from June 2000.

snake reptile Coluber eximius. (1842)


The single most important factor in saving the American Alligator from extinction had nothing to do with scientific research. It was the leather industry and the people who bought bags like this that saved the gator from the abyss, through an intensive breeding program to produce consumer products.

snake reptile Tropidonotus erythrogaster. (1842)

School Assemblies

“Sticks” is a Common Snapping Turtle of uncommon patience and fortitude. You’ll have to see this to believe it!—-We believe our school assemblies should teach children to understand that these animals have personalities and that compassion toward our fellow creatures is a responsibility, not a choice.

snake reptile Tropidonotus Dekayi. (1842)

old injury snapper

Snapping Turtles can survive massive injuries and go on to live normal lives for decades. Bill and Snakes-N-Scales have rescued and released hundreds of these creatures over the passed 25 years. A feat few others could claim. Any animals used in school assemblies will be very healthy and completely healed, if any of the injured ones are used at all.


School Assemblies

Bill has received national attention as an educator and reptile handler. Here, with Daisy, an Albino Burmese Python, he address a question from a child. For School Assemblies that are educational and sensitive to the children’s needs, you can’t go wrong with the Great Reptiles.

snake reptile Coluber Couperi. (1842)

Riki Tiki Tavi1

The story of the evil snake is an old one in western culture. The furry animal is good and the scaly animal is bad, is an easily read hallmark of our civilization. Case in point, Riki Tiki Tavi vs Nag.


bill, lizzy, MAnchester

Elizardbeth or “Lizzy,” is an Asian Water Monitor that ripped through her previous owners home to land right in the middle of Bill’s heart! To watch her, one would think that she had both a great sense of humor and a comedian’s timing. She has also become the darling of all the school assemblies she’s ever attended, stealing the show every time.


school assemblies

Asian Water Monitors are often confused with Komodo Dragons by the public. But the Dragons are more thick set with larger heads, like these 2.


 This is good large venue elementary school assembly entertainment where there will be lots of people, 300+ is not a problem. This show needs a lot of space, no less than 12×8 ft just for us. Not including the audience. Two six foot tables and a chair must be provided. The animals and carriers combined weigh in excess of 300 lbs. therefore the show needs to take place on the first floor, adult help must be provided or an elevator must be available.  

snake reptile Tropidonotus leberis. (1842)

SPECIAL NOTE-If you are not in NJ you may not be able to see these specific animals. This is due to a series of draconian laws passed by states like NY. We can still bring great school assemblies of fantastic animals, but it will be different from above. Please call us for details of what we bring to you.

Why Choose Us?  

Reptile Birthday Party Morris NJ

PRICES FOR School Assemblies The Great Reptiles

Would you like this show for free?

NORTH NJ (201,973,908,)       $550

CENTRAL NJ & SI (732, 609, 856, 718 Excluding So NJ)   $550

SOUTH NY (845, 914, 516, 631)   $480-Animal availability differs

NYC (212, 718, 917, 646, 347)       $500-Animal availability differs

No. PA (Delaware Valley),             $550

CT (203)                                $480-Animal availability differs

PHILLY & SOUTH NJ (Atlantic, Cape May, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland)    $650

 Returning yearly customers may pay the same price as last year for the same shows.


If you use us for multiple options, I.E. an Anti-Bullying show, a Reptile show and an Aquatic show, all in the same school year, we will discount all your shows!

Discounts also for small audiences, (under 20,) and multiple back to back programs, (over 1.)

 Rescue, Entertain, Educate, Inspire!

 Book Great Reptiles School Assemblies  

Call Bill at 973-248-9964





  1. Jen G

    “Over 20 years ago, I met Bill at an environmental education conference where I sat awestruck during his reptile show. I have been a fan ever since and will continue to recommend Snakes -n- Scales wherever I go. I have seen Bill present in a variety of settings over the years – including public and private school classrooms, conferences, birthday parties and environmental centers. Bill’s knowledge of and passion for the field of herpetology is contagious and he always leaves his audiences wanting more. Both children and adults are equally captivated by his exciting and entertaining programs, which take us around the globe learning about many fascinating cold-blooded animals. He is truly committed to educating people about reptiles by dispelling myths, teaching about their ecological importance and conveying respect for all living things. Under Bill’s direction, Snakes -n- Scales has assembled a talented and dedicated staff that is prompt, professional and, best of all, full of fun reptilian facts that help audiences conquer their fears and misunderstandings about snakes, lizards, alligators, crocodiles and so much more.” Jennifer Grolemund, Writer/Consultant at The College Board & Science Teacher at Far Brook School, Short Hills, New Jersey

  2. Bob Hoff Vineland High School North

    This is the second time I have seen Bill’s show. It is wonderful. He is very entertaining and informative. He captures his audience in a delightful way and students who wouldn’t care what is happening in front of them are engaged. The kids couldn’t stop talking about the show and what they learned. Kudos Bill!!!

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