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Rizzos Wildlife and Reptiles Review

 What follows is a review of Rizzos Wildlife and Reptiles. This review is about the safety, I leave you to draw your own conclusions, of how well the people here handle their animals.  If you are a fan of Rizzos Reptiles you may be inclined to be skeptical of my opinion, that’s fine, I assure you that what I am presenting isn’t my opinion, but facts that were available on the web, or through other public sources, until this page was put up. Now all these photos have vanished! But none of this material has been created. 

This Rizzos Wildlife and Reptiles Review is all about safety.

In the state of New Jersey all companies that bring animals into contact with the public must have an Exhibitor Permit. Rizzos Reptiles and Snakes-N-Scales are certainly included in this. This permit must be renewed every year and requires information on our species, handling techniques, caging and specifically; safety.

The scan below is the upper portion of our permit for 2012, but government forms don’t change much! Please read carefully the highlighted area.

rizzos Wildlife and reptiles permit scan

Now compare that to the photo presentation below and draw your own conclusions.

Rizzos Wildlife and Reptiles

Here is Mr Rizzo is dragging a medium sized water monitor on a blanket while the school kids reach forward to touch. The problem is that though these lizards are usually very docile, (I have 7 of them at the moment,) it’s Mr Rizzo’s job to protect the audience from any chance of injury, and he plainly isn’t doing that here.

  On two occasions I have been seriously bitten by these animals, severe lacerations were caused and it is intensely painful. (Nothing I would wish on Mr. Rizzo, much less a child.) The claws on these animals have left marks on every person that ever handled them, which is probably why he’s using a blanket.  If it became discontented, even a little, it could literally remove a person’s cheek in seconds! And even if it only bit someone slightly, (if such a thing is possible!) the mouth of a monitor is rife with medically serious bacteria, almost guaranteeing infection requiring professional medical attention.  The capacity for injury is what I wish to point out, not that anyone was actually hurt.

You don’t wish to take my word for it?… Okay. How about published author/experts on the subject?


            “All varanids,” (the monitor family), “are quite capable of defending themselves, and when handling large specimens (even those that are allegedly “tame”) considerable caution has to be exercised. Not only do they have powerful bites, but with their strong tails they can cause painful lashes that can cause bone fractures. Keeping large monitors can only be justified for experienced hobbyists…”

            From the BIOLOGY, HUSBANDRY AND HEALTH CARE OF REPTILES, by L. Ackerman, DVM page 537.

            “When monitor lizards are angry or afraid, they can be amazingly aggressive, and handling the animal at that time may result in a serious bite. Injuries by large specimens may require serious medical attention.”

That’s even worse right?



This is the culprit in my case! The sweetest, gentlest animal you can imagine…because there isn’t anything around that smells like food! And I take extra precautions to make sure that I don’t eat anywhere near her or even wear the same clothes I had on when I ate.—And this our typical pose during a show, with her in MY face, well restrained and away from kids’ hands. Compare this to what Rizzos Reptiles is doing above and draw your own conclusions.

I was bitten because the lizard because she thought she was going to be fed, but I couldn’t read her mind to know that. I assume Mr Rizzo cannot know what is in this lizard’s mind either. Nor could he know how these childrens’ hands smell to a monitor lizard with a sense of smell hundreds of times better than our own.  In fact the only one that is safe is Mr Rizzo!


This one is brand new, 9/20/16, as a Rizzo’s Reptiles employee shows how NOT to handle an alligator! When the gator jerks suddenly and this guy loses his grip, then what? Do you want your child in the front row?–And we took the kids faces out, they didn’t even have that much sense or courtesy.

These children are not a member of Rizzos Wildlife and Reptiles family or friends, but a school group. If they were his relatives, then he may take all the risks he wishes. My children do things with my animals, under my supervision, that I would never let the public do.

Rizzos Wildlife and Reptiles

A Rizzos Reptiles Pine Snake is great snake for children to learn how to handle a snake. BUT not in a school with other people’s children!

These are offered as further evidence. The pine snake, (above) should be under the control of Mr Rizzo, but it is being free handed to the child.

Rizzos Wildlife and Reptiles

How about an untaped crocodile! You can see how happy the croc is, he’s smiling!

Rizzos Wildlife and Reptiles

An instructor of Mr. Rizzo, Dawn, and she has allowed a gecko to jump onto this boy’s shirt. How happy will he be if it poops on him? Do you think his mom will enjoy that? (Look closely at the gecko, it dropped it’s tail from the stress!)


Rizzos Wildlife and Reptiles

This one scares me the most, because a bite from a python that smells the Rizzos Wildlife and Reptiles chinchilla, or other mammals he brings, and thinks it’s being fed, is going to be much much worse than a “leave me alone” bite. When snakes think they are going to be fed they bite and grab hold. When they are afraid they “tap” with their teeth. Both are painful and will cause some bleeding, but the tap will be done and over in seconds with very minor damage, the feeding grab could be a serious bite requiring that the snake be immersed in cold water to make it release. Just the thing to break up a party!


Here we have a child holding Rizzos Wildlife and Reptiles chinchilla. A very cute and docile animal, no argument. My problem is what the last animal Mr Rizzo has this child touch will think, and smell, on this child.

Rizzos Wildlife and Reptiles

A simple mistake of inattention made by a member of the Rizzos Reptiles staff. If this was all there was, I wouldn’t even mention it.

 And this is it. A Burmese Python, again a fairly docile animal, except when it smells food. What do they eat? RODENTS!  like that chinchilla the child above was holding!

I have no idea if this child touched any of Mr Rizzo’s rodents. It doesn’t matter because this snake STILL isn’t being restrained correctly. The head of the snake should be faced away from the child and a hand kept on the snake’s neck, in such a place that the snake would be prevented from bitting should it choose to do so. Yes, the chances that it would do so are very very small, nonetheless, may I test the theory with your child?

I didn’t think so!


This is US! See how she holds the python, head down and away, no children too close and the body of the snake is over her shoulder, not around her neck. As it should be!


bill hernia and scouts

And this is me! With a dozen helpers and a giant Burmese Python named “Hernia.” See where the head is? It’s in my hand, where it belongs! And I don’t rub down my audience with rodents prior to handling snakes!

I know Mr Rizzo personally and he would rather stick his hand in an animal’s mouth than have a child be injured. Nonetheless these are 7 photos of himself and his people acting irresponsibly. Putting people at risk with animals they are supposedly able to handle professionally. To my mind proving over and over, at minimum, a lack of judgment from the people at Rizzos Wildlife and Reptiles, possibly an absence of sufficient experience to do the job properly.

I have devoted my life, at present 30 years of my life, to the rescue of animals, (even very dangerous ones,) and the education of people, especially children. I have learned through years of experience, and then taught everyone I work with, the importance of keeping control of the situations we create with animals. To always be mindful of the worst possible outcomes so they are much less likely to occur. No one wants their animals to harm others. It happens because they don’t actively prevent it.

These are usually very safe animals that could do little actual damage, (except the alligator and crocodile!) but the point is that our job, Snakes-N-Scales and the staff at Rizzos Wildlife and Reptiles, is to insure that NO harm is done. And when you hand a child the animal, don’t restrain it properly, or have kids playing with animals that the reptiles may consider food, you have given up the control, but not the responsibility, of that animal.

And to me, Bill Boesenberg, and my people,

Rizzos Wildlife and Reptiles’ behavior is unforgivable!

All of these photos have mysteriously vanished off the websites that hosted them! (Perhaps not so mysteriously.) The people I could speak to would not tell me who asked for them to be removed, some even said that Rizzos Wildlife and Reptiles was never there! 

 For our side, just enter our name into a Google image search and see what you find. Have a look at these reviews and read our website, I know you will be impressed and, better than that, I know your children will be safe!



(There is a seriously negative review here given to me by, none other, than Mr Rizzo himself, posing as a client. Read it. I offer it to you to see if its credible. Notice how he says he’s NOT a competitor! What mom would write a review like that? And she says, “I’m not good with kids.” So the rest of the reviews are fakes and this is the real one? I leave it to you to read them and decide. And Rizzos Wildlife and Reptiles isn’t even in this directory!)

 Have a look at our Facebook page, Pinterest boards and this website and I think you’ll be convinced that we are devoted to this work in a way no one else comes close to. Have a look at the Rizzos Wildlife and Reptiles Facebook page, do you find that engaging? (You may find it surprising, as they purchased several thousand likes!)

 Come and visit us on Pinterest and Facebook, we always have something new and interesting posted. We are constantly and never-endingly involved with our animals.
With over 10,200 likes and counting!! –And unlike Mr. Rizzo, we don’t buy ours! 


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