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Reptiles School Assemblies

These programs are the all reptile assemblies we present, however we have many other shows in the menu that look at other combinations of animals. Any questions please call us!  


Just click on the name of the assembly to be taken to it’s page. All pricing, animals and descriptions can be found there.


Bill Boesenberg, the founder and “pressssident” of Snakes-N-Scales, generally performs this show himself, within the state of NJ. We’re sure you’ll be impressed by his skill with the animals and the children, not to mention his sense of humor and dedication to the cause of his life’s work, Reptiles! This show has over 300 pounds of animals in it but just 4 individuals, not including Bill, American Alligator, Burmese Python, Water Monitor Lizard and a Snapping or Mata Mata Turtle.

Great Reptiles School Assemblies

snake reptile Crotalus durissus. (1842)

Reptiles School Assemblies

AKA The Strange World Of Reptiles, this is our show for the younger kids, if there are not too many, (under 100 or so.) the animals in this assembly are smaller than in most of the others as our hope is to have the children get to touch a few during the show. There are discounts for multiple shows, we really try to make it interactive. Animals usually include a Boa Constrictor, small Gator, bearded dragon, African Tortoise etc.

Classroom Reptile Assemblies

snake reptile Coluber guttatus. (1842)

Reptiles School Assemblies

Our Radical Show is a good middle ground assembly, where the animals are farily large and the species are such that some are rare and some are common, a few are touchable and others are quite impressive. Animals can include the Anaconda, Alligator, monitor Lizard species, Snapping Turtles and others.

Radical Reptiles School Assemblies

turtle reptile Emys rubriventris. (1842)

Reptiles School Assemblies

We invented this one entirely. It involves how people think and are taught to be afraid of reptiles and how the ideal of the Dragon has influenced all of us. It will everyone in the room think about, how they think about animals!

Reptiles in Mythology, Culture and History

frog 25

amphibian assemblies 2

A great assembly show too point out the differences of the two groups that many lump together. In actuality they share very little!

Reptiles and Amphibians School Assemblies

Reptile Birthday Party Passaic NJ

Reptiles School Assemblies

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in Our Yards, Woods and Fields

turtle reptile Chelonia mydas. (1842)

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