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Reptile Rescue NJ

Unlike so many others, our Reptile Rescue organization is NOT a non-profit teetering from year to year on the edge of survival. Bill Boesenberg owns Snakes-N-Scales as a popular business, it therefore produces income to house, feed and, if need be, hospitalize injured or sick animals. We are experts with 30 years experience dealing with sick and injured animals.

Read about Bill Boesenberg’s experiences.

We operate out of Wanaque, in northern Jersey, but we perform programs all over the state, so you can meet us at a more convenient place.

If you own any Reptile, frog, snake, fish, turtle, tarantula, shark, insect, python or lizard, you need us to Rescue please call us –


Or use the form to the right and let us know what the problem is.

Reptile rescue


We are not the only Reptile Rescue in NJ, but we are probably the largest and, from what I’ve seen, the most qualified. The animals used in our programs are almost all orphaned reptiles rescued from a variety of unfortunate situations. Some are unwanted or abused pets, others were confiscated by authorities, still others were picked up in neighborhoods, along roads, from abandoned apartments or humane organizations. These animals are important to us and are given appropriate foods, habitat, medical care and a safe, secure home for the rest of their lives. We are not a pet store. Snakes-N-Scales is part of an amazing network of state and local officials, humane, rehab and zoological professionals working constantly toward the proper care, rescue and preservation of animals both in the wild and in captivity.

The photos that follow are all taken by us with animals that were brought to us unless it says otherwise. The photos are where reptile rescue starts and maybe a little intense for younger viewers, but it is our intention that everyone can look at these pages so we have tried to be careful in our presentation not to be too graphic.

They are our children, we rescued them, nursed them, raised them, fed them and checked on them everyday for their entire lives while living with us.

They are precious to us!

If you click on each heading you can go the reptile rescue page that discusses each group in more detail.

Alligator / Caiman Rescue NJ

Reptile Rescue NJ

This poor caiman really got an overdose of kindness. He was owned by one person who thought that hot dogs would be a tastier food than dead mice and then was given to a second person who had read that caiman needed a lot of heat. So by the time he came to me, at about 3 years old, he had almost no bone strength from eating hot dogs that have no calcium, and then had been almost cooked by his second owner. This reptile rescue has a sad, though perhaps predictable, ending; he died.

Snake Rescue NJ

Reptile Rescue NJ

This ball python was burned when his owner decided to use his 500 watt driveway flood light to replace the 50 watt tank light the snake was using. Again, out of no malice, or wanting to do harm to the snake, just trying to be helpful without reading about what actually should be done.


Lizard Rescue NJ

Reptile Rescue NJ

It’s just my opinion, of course, but this is why we should be considered first over others as to whether to have us perform your show. This is just another Tuesday at Snakes-N-Scales, 23 sick bearded dragons from a breeder that thought he could make some money on selling the babies but instead created two dozen reptile rescue animals. Who pays for these animals? We do.

Turtle Rescue NJ

Reptile Rescue NJ

This Box Turtle, “Crash,” survived her severe hit-by-car injuries for 20 years. She became a program favorite of many instructors and children alike. One of greatest reptile rescue stories.



 Author Bill Boesenberg


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