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Reptile Party NJ, NY, NYC, CT & PA

 Reptile Party AKA The Strange World Of Reptiles, is one of our most popular programs.  This Party Theme is all Reptiles and is best for kids ages 3-6, but can be performed for any age. We know that young children need to be able to touch the animals to enjoy the show, so the only animal in this show they can’t touch is the alligator. The entire purpose of grouping these animals, this way, is for the kids to touch them. That’s why there are no bugs, no spiders, no fish and no frogs here, just good old durable, touchable, easy to get along with, reptiles!

These Reptiles are rescued, as in all our shows, and then used in our fun, educational Parties.

The Perfect Party For Your Beginner Reptile Lover!

Elyse visits with a Red Foot Tortoise at her 2nd birthday party.

Animals That Can Attend Your Reptile Party

  Most of the 21! animals that can be used in this Reptile Party can be touched under the watchful eyes of our instructor.

We’ll bring 7 of these wonderful animals to your Reptile Party.


Lizards of the Reptile Party Party Program

bts basilisk

The Blue-tongued Skink tries to convince it’s enemies that it’s a dangerous snake, called a Death Adder. If you were animal and you knew that a Death Adder had a blue head, once you saw a flash blue in the grass, would you pick it up?—- The Basilisk can run, on 2 legs, across the surface of water!

  Reptile Birthday Party Passaic NJ

2 geckos

Fat Tailed Geckos store food in their tail.—- The Leopard gecko washes it’s face with it’s tongue. Both geckos are bug eaters that live in harsh near desert conditions in Asia.


ridgetail bd

The Ridgetail Monitor is a small, extremely rare monitor that few ever get to see! —-Bearded Dragons dance to settle arguments. These lizards are among the commonest of reptile pets.

turtle reptile Spargis coriacea. (1842)

Turtles and Tortoises of the Reptile Party Program

e chin boxs

The Eastern Box Turtle is very fond of worms As you can see from the photo, some of our box turtles have had rough lives. This one has lived with Bill for over 20 years after surviving a bad car crash. She’s very happy now though.—The Chinese Box Turtle maybe the smartest turtle.

leopard ornate

Leopard Tortoises dig long tunnels underground.—Ornate Box Turtles love strawberries.

turtle reptile Trionyx muticus. (1842)

Reptile Party

The Red Foot Tortoise lives in the Tropical Rainforest of South America.—The adult African Desert Tortoise’s only enemy, other than people, is the lion.

snakes reptiles 4

Snakes of The Reptile Party Program

Reptile Parties

The Hognose Snake plays dead when it can’t get away. This is a Western Hognose, which make fairly easy pets, and are easy to feed dead mice. Their cousins the Eastern Hognose is a toad eater and will rarely take anything else, making it very important to be able to tell these two apart.—-The Eastern King Snake, also called the Chain King, is found in NJ. King Snakes get their name from their ability to eat rattlesnakes. But just because they can, doesn’t mean they like to! The Kings would be much happier dining on a small rodent or bird rather than take on a rattler.

snake reptile Coluber guttatus. (1842)

Reptile Party

Corn snakes don’t live in cornfields, eat corn or even smell like corn, but their undersides do look like Indian corn. An endangered species in NJ, we are one of the few companies that can show you what a wild one looks like.—–Sonoran Milksnake– There are over 20 different species of Milk Snakes and there are hundreds of color variations. We have several and what you see may not be this species.

Reptile Birthday Party Morris NJ

ball blk rat

The Ball Python will curl into a ball when it’s nervous. Which is most of the time until the snake becomes very accustomed to you.—-The Black Ratsnake is the largest snake in NJ, reaching 12 feet on occasion. This large non-venomous snake is notorious for getting into bird houses and squirrel nests.

snake reptile Crotalus oregonus. (1842)

Stars of the Reptile Party Program

Reptile Party

The American Alligator is nearly always a featured animal from Snakes-N-Scales for 2 very simple reasons; They are fantastic, interesting and amazing creatures; and we have rescued and still possess 20 of them! There are 1 million alligators alive and well in the United States and they are less dangerous to people than soap in a bathtub, lightning, cows, dogs or skateboards! Our gators cannot be touched by state law and will always have their mouths taped for extra safety.

Reptile Party

The beautiful Boa Constrictor will end your Reptile Party as its finale. These South American giant snakes are usually easy to handle and look really great in photos with the birthday child helping to hold it!  The Boa Constrictor can reach 12 feet long and 90 pounds.

These are but a few of the marvelous facts which are all part of this Reptile Party, but we’re only scratching the surface!. We’ll talk about the specialties of each reptile and what they eat, joke about things they do and find out if these creatures make good pets.

If you are shopping our competitors, this is the only Reptile Party program that is similar to theirs in content. Though the size of many animals and the quality of the program, are still superior, and we rescue these reptiles.

Rescue, Entertain, Educate, Inspire!  

Why You Choose Us, Over and Over!!

 Facebook Recommendation- Sue Donadio-Nicoll   Amazing presentation for all ages!!! The kids are speechless &can’t get enough!!

Prices for The Strange World Of Reptiles-

Reptile Party

NORTH NJ   North of & Incl. Mercer, Middlesex & Monmouth

                                                                    $295 + gator, $55= $350

STATEN ISLAND NY                         $295 + gator, $55= $350

SOUTH NY     Down State Counties, Westchester, Orange, Rockland,

                     Putnam, Sullivan, Ulster, Duchess

                                                                     $295 + gator, $55= $350

NYC Manhattan & Brkln Only          $425 + gator, $50= $475

No. PA (Delaware Valley)                  $295 + gator, $55= $350

Fairfield CT                                             $350 + gator, $55= $405

SOUTH NJ Ocean, Burlington, Camden, Glouchester, Atlantic

                                                                     $400 + gator, $55= $455

                             Add Turtle Races for $50!

There are always discounts or upgrades, (our option) for returning customers. Discounts also for multiple programs, (over 1), and for any permanent links from your website to ours.

Book this Reptile Party

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What? You did this last year! How about a Bug Party?


Author Bill Boesenberg



  1. Amy H, Westfield NJ

    Ken with Snakes n Scales presented at my daughters 7th birthday party and EVERYONE loved it! 25 kids were riveted by the animals and way Ken presented them. Hands down the best party we have had for our daughter. Ken is super knowledgable and kept the kids interested and entertained. Highly recommend. Amy H., Westfield NJ

  2. Lisa Delemo

    Hi all! Just wanted to comment that the show I saw tonight at JFK Library in Piscataway was truly comical & FASINATING!! I am also an animal LOVER, but of the FURRY kind.. My fantasy dream job would be to work & care for animals.. Most likely animal rescue, which would be MOST gratifying..HOWEVER, I do and ALWAYS will have an INTENSE fear of snakes.. Not so much constrictors.. BUT the ones that strike.. A common fear.. None-the-less, I never wish to instill my fears into my (3) children.. They really were intreaged by this GREAT program, tonight..Absolutely the BEST!! I commend you great praise for the awesome rescue work!! I wish everyone felt like this about animals.. I want to pass your business card onto the head of our local schools’ organization, in the fall.. They have had a Lizard Guy come every year, but their show & educational information does not compare to yuors!.. Hopefully, I will see you again this coming school year!! Thanks again for the GREAT show & sharing your beautiful animals with US!! Sincerely, Lisa Delemo

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