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Reptile Birthday Party


that Snakes-N-Scales provides are amazing because we use unwanted, rescued, and now well loved animals; to fire a passion, in every child, for these misunderstood, yet wonderful creatures.

Rescue, Entertain, Educate, Inspire!

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THE STRANGE WORLD OF REPTILES– The Perfect Party For Your Beginner Reptile Lover!


reptile party nj1

This is our basic show. Great for the little ones! And still a good choice if you want a great deal of interaction with the animals. The animals are small to keep from frightening the parents!—Elyse visits with a Red Foot Tortoise at her 2nd birthday party.

 snake reptile Helicops erythrogrammus. (1842)

Radical Reptile Birthday



radical reptile birthday

The most popular show ever! This reptile birthday party is great for anybody over the age of 7 that loves these creatures. With a few touchables and a bunch of “wow” animals it’s the perfect mix for the reptile lover. Using our great depth of species, we present a program most zoos can’t show you.

Reptile Birthday Party Morris NJ

Giant Reptile Birthday Party

The BEST Reptile Birthday Party in NJ!

Giant Reptile birthday party

THE BEST reptile birthday party anywhere! This program brings the BIG guys! 7ft American Alligator, 12-15ft burmese python, 6ft Water Monitor Lizard and a 25 lb Snapping Turtle are more than enough to keep everyone happy and enthralled.–Unfortunately this show isn’t available outside of NJ in this form, due to state and federal law changes. Please call Bill and discuss what we can bring to you, 973-248-9964.

turtle reptile Emys Oregoniensis. (1842)

The Magic Reptile Birthday Party

Reptile birthday Party

Totally Unique and New! The Magic Reptile birthday will delight and amuse with 2 of the best things you can have at a party, magic and REPTILES!

turtle reptile Emys Troostii. (1842)

Reptiles and Amphibians Party

reptile and amphibian party NJ

It’s often said, “reptiles and amphibians,” as though they were ketchup and mustard. but they are very very different animal groups. And even within their groups there are some amazingly wild sets of creatures that will defy your knowledge.

snake reptile Coluber constrictor. (1842)

The Snake Experience

A very personal Snake Party

snake experience4

Have your child sit with us for an hour of a truly hands on snake party. No one else offers this either!

Reptile Birthday Party Passaic NJ

Dinosaur Party

No T. Rexes but a Prehistorically Funny Time

Dinosaur Party

Ancient animals and fossils make up this fun show. Learn about the first animals to walk on land, the oldest turtles and met an Archosaur that is still alive!

1. Limacodes Arenacea moth

Zoo Animals Party

Choose 10 of our most amazing animals for your own fantastic animal birthday party!

reptile birthday party Burmese python Reticulated python African Rock Python

Your child chooses 10 animals out of nearly 50 to pick from! And we bring those. We are happy to guide you to the touchable ones or help balance the show for the fun of all, but it’s your choice!


Baby Animal Party

No Bunnies, no chicks, no little ducklings!

baby animal party 1


Monster Party

Dinosaur Party 1

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