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Radical Reptile Birthday


Outstripping all the other Reptile Birthday Programs in popularity, You made Rad Reptiles our hottest Birthday yet!

This program was begun in July 2011 to celebrate our “Year of The Anaconda,” but it was quickly obvious that it was a Reptile Birthday  show we would be keeping.

reptile birthday

—Please note; That we are one of the very few organizations that rescue these three species, (no one else rescues anacondas), and use them in our programs.—

Admittedly, there is a bit less to touch here than in The Strange World Of Reptiles, but it also a more dynamic choice of animals, perfect if you’ve seen the other show already, you’ve seen someone else’s show and want something different or maybe your child is just too advanced for the other Reptile Birthday!

Your Birthday Reptiles in Your Reptile Birthday!

So you’ve had the guy with pith helmet and the khaki pants? And he was fine for when your child was 4 but now that she’s/he’s 10, you don’t want cute little pet store lizards! Neither do we! That’s why had this idea for a Radical difference in Reptile entertainment for birthdays.

Radical Reptile Party

We rescue Anacondas! You won’t see that very often, as no one else does it. This is a Yellow Anaconda from south-central South America, but we also have the Green Anaconda from northern South America.—-We also have nearly 20 Alligators from years of taking them in from people that couldn’t keep them. The Gators are not what most people think, being quite smart and usually fairly passive, we find them more like a dog then a crocodile, in attitude.–Both these animals add an immense amount of excitement to this Reptile Birthday and it’s why the show was built around them.

alligator before the cart

Don’t put your cart before the alligator! Not all the press on gators was bad. From near extermination in 1923, when perhaps 400 individuals were left, there are 1 million alligators in the US! —Sorry, gator drawn cart rides are NOT part of your Radical Reptile Birthday!

Radical Reptile Birthday

Three great Reptile Birthday animals.—Snapping Turtles are amazing animals with an understanding of their keepers that you don’t see in their bluster and bluff. We have had dozens and hatched hundreds and we assure you that you will be surprised by their calm acceptance of humans.— The Asian Water Monitor is probably the smartest reptile alive. They are always interested in their surroundings and ever hungry.– Few can resist the beauty of the Burmese Python even if they fear it at first. Many of these snakes are the calmest creatures we have! More accepting of children than the average house cat!

water monitor illustr,

Stealing eggs and picking off baby crocodiles makes the water monitor a predator of the crocodile. Something most people don’t think of.

Radical Reptiles Birthday Party

This is a Black & White Tegu; a large lizard from South America that looks like a monitor, but isn’t. They are able to hunt animals you’d never imagine they go near.–The Leopard tortoise from Africa takes over aardvark burrows and then runs a major hotel for hundreds of other animals.

Considered a symbol of strength, the tortoise is found as a statue in many countries of the east.

rock python and reticulated python Reptile Birthday

The African Rock Python and the Reticulated Python are African and Asian reflections of each other. Both are large enough to swallow antelopes when full grown and both were feared, (still are by some) as human-eating monsters! Neither of these pythons are happy to see humans but they don’t consume them!

retic full of deer

An early 20th century photo of a Reticulated Python that had eaten a small deer. Unfortunately the snake was killed for the picture.

ALBINO BURM Reptile Birthday

The Albino Burmese Python is the king of pythons; very large, up to 25 ft and 250 pounds but when raised around humans they are more docile than any dog or cat you’ve ever met!

Python Party

The skull of a Reticulated Python shows the slender sharp teeth and the delicate jaws. It’s not the power of the bite that pythons depend on, but the force of their body coils, used to squeeze their prey. So a bite from a snake, assuming it’s not a venomous one, can be painful but rarely does a great deal of damage because the jaws are weak.

 Reptile Birthday snapping turtle soft shelled turtle

Oddly opposite, the Snapping Turtle and Soft Shelled Turtle do the same thing but in in reverse ways. The Snapper is armed and amoured like a tank with a fantastic cutting/chopping beak for a weapon, a thick, heavy, bony shell and muscles that would make a body builder to proud. The Soft Shell is speedy and hydrodynamic, “flying” under water like a fighter plane. And though it’s shell is less sturdy than the snapper’s and its beak less of a threat, it’s the Soft Shelled Turtle that has, by far, the worst attitude! Either way, both are a great addition to your Reptile Birthday!

common snapping turtles sparring

Two male snapping turtles having a disagreement over pond use rights! These turtles are extremely common in the NJ, NY, PA and CT areas. Over the course of the passed 25 years, Bill Boesenberg has repaired, hatched, rescued, retrieved and released over 500 snapping turtles! He loves them! And we can make you love them too!

Rescue, Entertain, Educate, Inspire!

Why You Choose Us More Than Any Other

Reptile Birthday Party Morris NJ

A Facebook Recommendation- Necia Fusco absolutely wonderful!  for all ages!

PRICES FOR Radical Reptile Birthday

NORTH NJ (201,973,908,)                                                           $425
CENTRAL NJ & SI (732, 609, 856, 718 Excluding So NJ)       $425
SOUTH NY, LI, Brklyn, Queens (845, 914, 516, 631, 718, 917)       $425
NYC Manhattan Only (212, 347, 646)                                         $560
No. PA (Delaware Valley),                                                           $425
CT (203)                                                                                          $425
PHILLY & SOUTH NJ (Atlantic, Cape May, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland)     $475

Would you Like to Book a show or do you have a few questions. Just give our resident “Presssident,” Bill Boesenberg a call at 973-248-9964, and he’ll be happy to help!

There are always discounts or upgrades, (our option) for returning customers. Discounts also for multiple programs, (over 1.)

 Book Radical Reptile Birthday!

Call Bill at 973-248-9964

Add Exciting Turtle Races for $50

snake reptile Coluber Couperi. (1842)


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