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Party Hosting at The New Weis Center NJ

Mar 16, 2016 by

Party Hosting at The New Weis Center NJ

Looking for a great place for

birthday party hosting in


Party Hosting at The New Weis Center NJ

Blue and Bill are an amazing combo for a birthday party but getting them into your home does pose certain problems! (Like where to put the furniture!) Not any more! Our party hosting at The New Weis Center allows you to have the Great Reptiles party without the concern of having to move your furniture for the 7 ft alligator!

Party Hosting at The New Weis Center,

a multi-purpose center in Ringwood NJ, is your answer!

Snakes-N-Scales is excited to announce a new partnership with

an old friend!  

Party Hosting at The New Weis Center NJ

Snakes-N-Scales is just down the road and has joined the The New Weis Center in offering programs for parties and other functions at their center in northern NJ.

Snakes-N-Scales celebrates it’s 20 year anniversary in  2016, and for much of that time we have worked with a nature center located just a few miles down the road in Ringwood NJ, the Weis Ecology Center, which was part of the NJ Audubon family of centers. Audubon could not continue to maintain the center and in 2015 transferred it to a local non-profit, the Highlands Nature Friends. This small dedicated group of people are restoring and bringing new life to The New Weis Center for Education, Arts and Recreation, and Snakes-N-Scales is proud to be able to join them in bringing appreciation for the natural world back to this historic center in Passaic County.

Party Hosting at The New Weis Center

Programs for Party Hosting at The New Weis Center

A primary goal of Snakes-N-Scales’ partnership is to offer live animal programming for people that visit the center. We will perform public shows for their events and we will be able to use their facilities for our programs as well!

This means that birthday party hosting at

The New Weis Center can now commence!

Party Hosting at The New Weis Center NJ

Party Hosting at The New Weis Center allows for the best environment for our shows, an easy place for the kids to play and be themselves and a relaxing atmosphere for you! It really is a win-win-win!

Snakes-N-Scales is located in Wanaque, which is just 5 miles from the The New Weis Center in Ringwood. This allows us to be able to bring everyone of our many programs for birthday parties without having to: alter the decor of your house, (Even if you wanted the biggest of our creatures!) remove the pets, upset Grandma or have screaming children running through your kitchen!

All Snakes-N-Scales Party packages are now available for booking at the The New Weis Center.

Book the Giant Reptiles Party , The Strange World of Reptiles Party, Baby Animals Party, Snake Experience Birthday, our River of Monsters PartySpider and Bug Party, or the Reptile Magic Show! Any show we have for $100 over the listed price! Most places charge several hundred dollars for room rental, but we are happy to help keep your costs down.

Just $100 plus the cost of the show.

Party Hosting at The New Weis Center NJ

Click on the photo above to go to the party page!

Party Hosting at The New Weis Center NJ

Party Hosting at The New Weis Center

What you get.

You will be greeted by a Weis Naturalist or a Snakes-N-Scales Instructor upon your arrival. You will be taken on a 25 minute hike around the center’s trails. Animals such as frogs and salamanders, many bird species, insects and spiders and even the occasional reptile will be encountered, observed and discussed. (If the weather doesn’t cooperate with the hike we will bring Turtle Races instead.) Then it’s back to the center for a 45 minute Snakes-N-Scales fun show of your choice. After that we will celebrate the day with any treats you choose to bring or pizza can be delivered. The entire event runs in 2 hours and leaves your house completely untouched! Feel free to stay in the area and play in fields nearby or hike a few of the many trails yourself.

The New Weis Center NJ

Set up and Booking

Call Bill at 973-248-9964 to set up a date and time, beginning in mid June 2016. Choose the show you wish to see, ask any questions you may have. It’s really very easy. As with all our shows a deposit of $100 will be required to hold your space.

Party Hosting at The New Weis Center NJ

Bring binoculars and cameras! Wear clothing appropriate for outdoors in a woods setting. You may want insect repellent and sun screen, especially if you plan to stay after the show and play outside.

Party Hosting at The New Weis Center NJ

This is the room where your Party Hosting at The New Weis Center will take place.  The children will sit on mats for the animal show and be able to eat at tables with the adults.

Party Hosting at Weis Nature Center

Party Hosting at The New Weis Center NJ

There are forests to hike in close-by or you could walk all day after the party. We’ll stay close to the building where the party takes place. Your Party Hosting at The New Weis Center can be all you do for the day or the beginning of a great day outdoors!

snake reptile Coluber testaceus. (1842)

We are excited to get started sharing the great natural world of northern New Jersey AND the creatures that have taught and entertained children for 20 years.

Call us for your reservation right now


Party Hosting at The New Weis Center NJ

Party Hosting at The New Weis Center is close to Bergen, Passaic and Morris Counties.

Your New Weis/Snakes-N-Scales party is less than 30 minutes from towns in Passaic and Morris counties like; Kinnelon, Ringwood, Mahwah, Wyckoff, Wanaque, Pompton Plains, Wayne, Pompton Lakes, West Milford, Hewitt, Oakland, Franklin Lakes, Greenwood Lake, Pequannock, Ramsey, Haskel, Butler and Riverdale

And is easy to get to from Rts 23, 287 and 208.

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