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NJ Libraries Summer Reading Program

Jan 25, 2016 by

In support of the library summer reading program 2017 of

“Build a Better World”

We present

Building A Better World-Rescuing Reptiles!


Since 1996 Snakes-N-Scales has been rescuing reptiles from all sorts of places and using them to teach people about these amazing animals.

Library Summer Reading Program

One of Bill’s first big shows in 1992! That Boa Constrictor, “Bright Lady” was rescued from the Newark Museum, where it had grown too large for the other instructors to handle it comfortably.–See more about our history, http://snakes-n-scales.com/bill-boesenberg-the-nj-crocodile-hunter

We have pulled alligators out of people’s pools, (in NJ!) and had them brought to us having been hit by cars. We have taken in frostbitten lizards, snakes abandoned in parking lots and in the garbage, hatched dug up turtle eggs, various animals running down streets, even the Turnpike! and appearing suddenly in people’s homes who didn’t own them. And, of course, from pet owners disappointed, or unable to cope, with their reptile pet.

snake reptile Coluber testaceus. (1842)

We are a unique organization, (if we do say so ourselves!) in that our expertise allows us to care for our animals medically. Animals that would cost too much for anyone to reasonably spend at the veterinarians’ have a chance of survival with us- and many of those make great stories!

That’s what we’re all about, and that’s what we’d like to present, the personal stories of a few of “our scaly kids”  and how we have contributed to our world through our care of them. Of course the act of telling these stories will engender compassion in the audience, continuing the mission of Building A Better World, right there in your library!

Reptile Birthday Party Morris NJ

summer library reading program

Meet “Dizzy,” an American Alligator who managed to escape his original owner only to be struck by a car on highway 46!

snake reptile Helicops erythrogrammus. (1842)

Library Summer Reading Program

Sometimes the stories aren’t serious at all. As an example, how much like a dog does this Nile Monitor look? Not much, right? Well don’t tell him that! He sleeps with blankets and sits in your lap!

snake reptile Helicops abacurus. (1842)

Library Summer reading

This is Mata Mata turtle from the tropical rainforests of South America. Most people that didn’t know how to care for one of these strange exotic turtles would never buy one, but some do…then what?–(Only available with the larger show.)

Reptile Birthday Party Morris NJ

Library Summer Reading Program

A long time denizen of Snakes-N-Scales is a Water Monitor named “Elizardbeth” or “Lizzy” who wrecked a house from floor to ceiling before finding her way into Bill’s arms.–(Only available with the larger show.)

snake reptile Crotalus oregonus. (1842)

Library Summer Reading Program

Sometimes people can be cruel. This Chinese Box Turtle found that out,very personally! we named her “Firecracker!”

snake reptile Crotalus durissus. (1842)

Library Summer Reading Program

We have many large Burmese Pythons and all of them have personalities. They have likes and dislikes just as you do. Its surprising sometimes how these preferences can get them into all sorts of trouble!

snake reptile Coluber vernalis. (1842)

The program will concentrate primarily on the rescue and personal stories of the animals presented, though we will always include relevant information on their habits in the wild as well. And a good dose of humor will always be injected into the proceedings!

This program is available in 2 versions, a larger

and a smaller, to all libraries in NJ and

Southern NY State for either 

$400 or $300.

snake reptile Tropidonotus Dekayi. (1842)

We will be happy to consider a further discount if two

libraries can coordinate 2 shows close together in

space and time.

snake reptile Tropidonotus erythrogaster. (1842)

Please call Bill to book or discuss


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