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Nile Crocodile

 It is the Nile Crocodile that people think of, when people the world over discuss Crocodiles in any general sense. The Crocodiles that the Egyptian Pharaohs saw 5,000 years ago; the Crocs that stalked the stories of  Tarzan and King Solomon’s Mines; and the Crocodiles that still consider humans little more than antelope in a shirt and pair of pants; these are the Nile Crocodiles.  Nile Crocodile Facts©MathKnight and Zachi Evenor 

Though they appear sluggish most of the time, and they rest full on their stomachs, as if they had no use of their legs, Crocodiles are surprisingly fast. They can sustain 10 miles an hour and burst up to 25mph!

Nile Crocodile Factsc-jsmuller

 It’s all about the teeth.  As you can plainly see they are not very sharp. An unsharpened pencil is sharper, however when thousands of pounds of force are applied behind them, even these peg-like teeth can go through muscle and bone. Nile Crocodile Factsc-jsmuller   Nile Crocodile Facts This is a true method of catching a crocodile, but the relative size of man and croc is way off. A man would catch a much smaller crocodile in this manner or he would lose his arm.    Nile Crocodile FactsUsing all means to destroy the monsters, the Crocodiles were fed meat with dynamite hidden inside. Nile Crocodile Facts

It seemed that the Nile Crocodile and the European were always working against each other.

The Europeans wanted their animals to be with them in the continent they conquered but the Croc saw these animals as fair game. Just like a wildebeest! Nile Crocodile Facts Nile Crocodile Facts   Nile Crocodile Factsc-jsmuller It’s not the clearest photo but it does make clear how easy a Crocodile can be almost completely submerged. Which makes their discovery by prey very hard.

Roosevelt w croc

 The taking of a Nile Crocodile was proof of manhood,

and certainly the President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, could not be left out of that!   

The only good Nile Crocodile was a dead Nile Crocodile.

Muggers called gators

Most Crocodiles are very social. They are rarely ever found alone, yet after all this time of observation, their interactions are still a mystery to us.

relief of Gordon 

In spite of rushing to aid General Gordon, at the relief of Khartoum, the Brits still had time to fire on the Crocodiles in regimental order.


Some of the stories told by “eye-witnesses” are less than easily believed, like this one of a gorilla wrestling a crocodile.

 N7121903143 (1)  

The only good Crocodile is a dead Crocodile.

jungle lunch

  Perhaps the worst kind of humor, this is a post card called,”Lunch in the Jungle.” Denigrating both the native Africans or Indians, as simply a meat product, and the Crocodile as the cruel monster.    

Always darkly sinister is the Crocodile!

Here is an incident, from 2008 where an African Leopard killed a Nile Crocodile, was made into a big story on the internet when it first came out. Personally I don’t see it, the leopard weighs maybe 100 pounds and the croc, perhaps 60-80, so the leopard out weighs the croc. Also this is taking place on land where the cat has a definite advantage and the croc is a juvenile and inexperienced while the leopard is an adult. The leopard should win, it has all the advantages.

The leopard maybe less proud of himself though, when he tries to eat it. Crocodiles are about as tender as an old saddle.

 See for yourself

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