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Monster Party

The Monster Party or  ‘Yer Dessspicable!” brings you the animals we love to hate. Which take the form of  the monsters of our imaginations. And in this Monster Party, one of our most popular animal party programs, we will explore exactly why so many of us hate them so much.

TV, movies, literature, bedtime stories, and even nursery rhymes are remembered that used these animals as monsters and villains. Movie monsters are almost always based on living creatures, and very often on reptiles. Remember the “Anaconda” series of movies, or “Alligator,” there were many snake movies including “Snakes on a Plane” and many others.

snake reptile Coluber eximius. (1842)

Animals Coming to Your Monster Party

Monster Party 1

The green Anaconda is the world largest snake. Our Anacondas are not nearly that big but you can certainly get the flavor of the beast from these! You will see either a Green OR a Yellow Anaconda in the Monster Party, but not both.–The Emperor Scorpion is one of the least dangerous scorpions alive, so that allows us to handle it with safety. Everyone else still looks on from a distance!

monster party

The Yellow Anaconda is smaller than its cousin the Green but what it lacks in size it makes up for in attitude! We are always gloved when handling these snakes as they never calm down enough to trust their handlers.–The American Alligator is responsible for very little harm to humans. Less even than dogs, soap and cows! But their size and impressive array of teeth make them a perfect monster. And the star of our Monster Party!–Spiders scare many people, and few more than a Tarantula! But spiders, including Tarantulas, are usually peace loving creatures that are looking for an exit when they see a human.

turtle reptile Trionyx muticus. (1842)

Monster Party

The Snapping Turtle’s bite would remove a chunk of flesh that resembles a slice of pie! But have you ever seen anyone with an injury like that? Neither have we, (and Bill has been looking for 35 years!) Obviously the stories about these animals are exaggerations or just plain lies!– The Monitors of the world are the smartest of all reptiles. The one on Komodo Island is the largest and will attack if approached to closely but otherwise they are nothing to fear. We can’t bring a Dragon from Komodo but we have many smaller relatives instead.–The Burmese python is all over the Everglades due to an accident of releasing them 20 years ago. the stories about them eating child is just wild nonsense. Wild pigs are much worse for the environment and they, the pigs, have been known to attack people and pets!

snake reptile Helicops erythrogrammus. (1842)

The incredible effects of modern film make the monsters seem more real than the animals they were made from! Very often the animals are shown as man-eaters and hunters of people. But is this shear nonsense? Meet these reprehensible creatures in your living room and learn for yourself.

snake reptile Helicops abacurus. (1842)


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snake reptile Elaps fulvius. (1842)

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