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The Magic Reptile Birthday Party

Mar 19, 2014 by

The Magic Reptile Birthday Party

The Magic Reptile Birthday Party is so unique that no other company in the country has it! This new and very entertaining Snakes-N-Scales birthday party combines two ingredients children always love, magic and reptiles!!!

Most magic shows are “old hat,” even if they do hide a bunny in it! This IS a magic show, but it’s also a wacky new reptile show that connects the amazing, even “magical” habits of reptiles with a magician’s trick that will illustrate that very point. This creates both a great illusionary mystery with an unforgettable educational experience.

Are all the tricks in the Magic Reptile Birthday Party perfectly done?–Nope! And you wouldn’t want it any other way!

Magic Reptile Birthday Party

Healing Dollar – an interactive trick where we help turn your child into the magician! If you poke a dollar with a pen, it should have a hole in it right? Not with magic! Introducing a creature who can almost magically heal itself!

Magic Reptile Birthday Party 

Magic Reptile Party

Magic Hat – The age old magicians trick… but it’s no rabbit. Learn about the magical world of snakes and how they trick their predators!

Magic Reptile Birthday Party

Magic Reptile Party

Magic Scarves – “Never ending scarves” trick with a twist! While distracting our young audience with the scarves, a lizard appears who can do a similar trick!

turtle reptile Emys serrata. (1842)

Magic Reptile Party

Summoning! – But wait! Every great magician needs an assistant! Help us summon our scaly assistant in our finale masterpiece! In this trick, we also teach about how great reptiles can be at being right under our noses without us even noticing! The Magic Reptile Birthday Party performance will be hosted by your prestidigitator “Serpent Simon,” Played by Jack O’Donnell. Adding to your reptile birthday party ideas everyday!



Also included is a large boa constrictor! –What’s his trick? He can make small children stand perfectly still! That’s the hardest trick in the Magic Reptile Birthday Party book!—A great way to include all your young guests, while safely making them junior snake handlers for a couple of minutes! Great photo opportunities!

snake reptile Tropidonotus niger. (1842)

 Magic shows are everywhere, and if that’s all you want, then you don’t want this show. The Magic Reptile Birthday Party is more than a few tricks, it’s a way of bringing learning about animals into children’s lives in a fun Snakes-N-Scales way!


we need at least 10-15 minutes to set up the show away from children, a large table provided, and a space that is at least 10ft away from the audience.

Magic Reptile Birthday Party

PRICES FOR  The Magic Reptile Birthday Party

NORTH NJ (201,973,908,)                                                $395
CENTRAL NJ & SI (732, 609, 856, 718 Excluding So NJ)            $395
SOUTH NY, LI, Brklyn, Queens (845, 914, 516, 631, 718, 917)           $395
NYC Manhattan Only (212, 347, 646)                               $475
No. PA (Delaware Valley),                                                   $395
CT (203)                                                     $395
PHILLY & SOUTH NJ (Atlantic, Cape May, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland)           $425

  There are always discounts or upgrades, (our option) for returning customers. Discounts also for small audiences, (under 20), multiple back to back programs, (over 1), and for any permanent links from your website to ours.

Magic Reptile Birthday Party

 Book The Magic Reptile Birthday Party Now

Call Bill at 973-248-9964


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