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Lizard Rescue NJ

Lizard rescue is no harder or easier than any other kind of reptile, but as with all, you must understand your species. Domestic dogs and cats are all different breeds, not different species. Within a certain tolerance, all dogs are treated the same medically. But with over 3000 lizards species the idea of treating them all the same goes right out the window!

Lizard rescue

Bearded Dragons are “easy” reptiles to keep. “Easy” until they get sick and you have 23 of them! These little guys were all given to us from a prospective breeder who didn’t do his homework. They were somehow infected with several types of parasites and began to die at an alarming rate. the vet bill for this horde would have been in the thousands, assuming the vet could find what was wrong! The process of making them healthy was time consuming but not very difficult, if you know how to force feed a bearded dragon medication.


Lizard rescue

It looks like a great haul, until you remember that they’re all sick and each must be cared for as an individual! Now you’re talking work! Lizard rescue as a means of torture!–To me, not them!


Lizard Rescue NJ

This Black and White Tegu came to us from an animal control officer without the far end of its tail. As you can see it did grow back but the replacement is poor shadow of its former self, dull, rubbery and without bones or pattern.


Lizard rescue NJ

In this case lizard rescue required only common sense food and care, and nature took it course. rarely are things that simple!

Reptile Birthday Party Passaic NJ

Lizard Rescue

Monitors are the smartest of lizards and the Asian Water Monitor may well be the smartest reptile alive. This is “Elizardbeth” or “Lizzy” who has been with us for 10 years in 2015. She is a joy to work with and makes the kids laugh their heads off as she messes up my hair and shoves her tongue in my ear. However she also has managed to break her hip and is constantly getting her claws caught in the most unpredictable of places, whereupon she wrenches them out! The bloody disaster that follows one of the claw pulls is extremely difficult to deal with both physically and emotionally —for both of us!



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