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Kerri Joyce


Kerri Joyce

Kerri Joyce is a natural with animals, easy, gentle, fearless and confident. She inspires both trust and fun when she’s out doing her thing!

Like Bill, Kerri Joyce was infatuated with dinosaurs from a young age. As she got older that infatuation turned to love, of lizards.  Once she got her first iguana, reptiles were all she cared about.

She began working professionally with animals in 2005 as a Vet Technician for Valley Veterinary where she dealt with cats and dogs.  Although she learned a great deal and loved the work, it did not fulfill her need to work with reptiles.  Her big break came when a classmate introduced me to Bill.

She started here, at Snakes-n-Scales, in 2006 while attending Montclair State University, but left for to study abroad in Australia.  The experience was life changing.  She spent a great amount of time visiting various zoos and sanctuaries throughout the eastern coast, observing reptiles and other forms of native Australian wildlife.  She returned to Snakes-n-Scales with a deeper understanding of, and passion for, “HER” animals.

Kerri Joyce  says–“Working at Snakes-n-Scales is my proudest endeavor.  Being able to share my passion with children and adults alike while working hands on with these amazing animals is my dream come true!”

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