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Ken Cribier


Ken 1

Our third “pet store guy” in a row! and perhaps our most impatiently ambitious employee yet, Ken Cribier has a great number of good ideas. Our challenge is to try to keep him busy and implement them before he buries us in them!

Ken Cribier

Ken saw Bill when he was in middle school and that experience helped start Ken Cribier on the road to work with animals. He met another employee, John, working in the pet store and was his training mentor. Oddly enough, John got his job with us and recommended Ken, whereupon we hired Ken.–So Ken saw Bill, decided to work with animals, trained John to do so, then John got hired by Bill and recommended Ken!

When you see a Snakes-N-Scales educator, at a school or birthday party, and you notice they are carrying pizza boxes, think of Ken! There is no pizza in them, we use them to keep our animals warm or cool, depending on the weather. This was one of Ken’s brain children and we saw it’s genius immediately!

He is currently working on creating a program for schools where they will build their own aquarium in the classroom, under our tutelage. He has taken

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