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Environmental School Assemblies

In reality, every show we do is one of the Environmental School Assemblies, but the ones listed here are designed to focus on habitats, the environment and how animals fit into their world a little bit more than some of the others.

Endangered Species

Environmental School Assemblies

This program is less of a stretch for us than you may think. Each set of animals includes one live animal from our group of rescued animals, (over 300 of them.) And the matching larger animals are all creatures that no one could bring to any school! We just matched up some of the greatest animals on Earth, from a few very significant habitats, and put in a cohabitant reptile or fish. From our way of looking at the world, all animals are endangered, whether an international organization says they are or not.

Tropical Rainforest

Environmental School Assemblies

The greatest diversity of habitat is found in the tropical rainforest. It’s a great habitat to introduce the concepts to younger children. we recommend it for 2nd graders.

Tropical Rainforest – Savanna

Environmental School Assemblies

A cool comparison between a habitat that goes up, the tropical rainforest, and one that goes down, the savanna. Here we can see animals that are related to one another that live in completely different ways.

Cypress Swamp – Llanos

Environmental School Assemblies

Few adults know what a llanos is! But this comparison show will tell you. If you looking for a South American animal show this one works great.

Coral Reef – Great Swamp NJ

Environmental School Assemblies

I hate when New Jersey is put down as a giant freeway, since we have some amazing wild areas like the Great Swamp. This show shows us off a little and compares us with what has been called the most important habitat on the planet, the coral reef.

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