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Dinosaur Party

This is a very unusual Dinosaur Party because no actual Dinosaurs will attend! This reptiles “plus” birthday party looks at some amazing ancient animals, fossils, neat facts and lots of fun. Join our fossil festivities!

No T. Rexes, But Prehistorically Fun


Dinosaur Party

Animals including the American Alligator, a living Archosaur, the same family as the Dinosaurs! And the Boa constrictor, an ancient giant snake and one of the earliest large snakes, before the pythons took over the world.

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Dinosaur Party

Crocodile Turtle, another Snakes-N-Scales specialty, these ancient turtles hunt in a very amazing way! among the oldest living group of turtles. it must turn its head to pull into it’s shell. The Alligator Snapping Turtle, actually related to the turtle fossil we bring and unchanged for millions of years because it’s form is perfect for what it does.

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 The Dinosaurs were the most amazing group of reptiles, (some would say the most amazing animals) ever to live on Earth. We learn about them through looking at the parts they left behind as fossils and comparing them to present day animals. There is a certain level of guess work involved, which is why The American Museum of Natural History had the wrong head on a dinosaur for 75 years. Nonetheless, since Jurassic Park is fantasy, we do the best we can.

This dinosaur party  show brings, mostly reptiles, but one other animal that not only is of an ancient line, going back into the day of the dinosaur and even beyond it, but this was the first creature to walk on land, the scorpion. We will look at these very old families of surviving animals and we will do a little comparing with fossils of extinct creatures.

Dinosaur Party

The great extinct shark Megalodon once struck fear into all the creatures of the deep.

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Dinosaur Party

A Dinosaur coprolite, is a fossilized piece of poop! Endless fun for all after learning what they just touched!

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t rex tooth-head colored

A Tyrannosaurus rex tooth. A replica of the great king himself!

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whos claw

A wicked stabbing claw! But which famous Dinos owned it? Can’t you tell?

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And we’ll bring a poster to help everyone visualize which Dinos are which.

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  The fossils for the show are not huge dinosaur leg bones, but some real and some replica pieces, that are easily understood and can be touched.

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