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Day Care, Nursery School and Preschool Activities

Our Day Care, Nursery School and Preschool Activities include nearly all of our reptilesfish, amphibians and bugs in various programs and assembly style shows that are both educational and fun.

Preschool Activities

Bill and Hernia visit Country Time DC in Ringwood NJ.

Rescue, Entertain, Educate, Inspire!

Our mission is to educate children about their natural world because we firmly believe in it’s preservation and the mind broadening power these programs activities have on preschool children.

Our Preschool Activities include jokes, stories, “animal’s eyes” views of the world, anecdotes, factoids, questions and answers and a gentle, controlled, touching experience to make everyone laugh, think and feel.

They will laugh because it’s fun, so they will remember it. They will think, thanks to our engaging, experienced teachers. They will touch some animals so they will feel its reality and hopefully someday, when they look back on this event, remember and understand that these creatures are our neighbors on Earth.

We serve all ages but are especially equipped to perform for day care and preschool children, since many of our staff have
a great deal of experience with this wonderful age!

  Simply click the photos or titles below for a description of the program. All of these programs can be, and have been, performed for ages 3-5 years with great success.

Day Care, Nursery School and Preschool Activities

The Strange World of Reptiles School Assemblies

These Reptile School Assemblies look at the four different groups of these creatures in detail. We’ll talk about the specialties of each reptile and what they eat, joke about things they do and find out if these creatures make good pets. And we always talk about the rescue of these Reptiles.

Un-Scary Animals Preschool Activities

argentine horned frog-opencage.info/pics

Animals should be respected not feared. Even animals that don’t like us can be fascinating and even beautiful and funny!

Aquatic Life School Assemblies: River Animals Vs Ocean Animals

Pic by Steve Childs under Creative Commons Lic

If you would like see animals that even the major zoos and aquariums will not transport, this is it. Our experience and knowledge has enabled us to put together an aquatic program comparing fresh water animals with salt water animals.

NJ-NY Snakes-N-Turtles School Assemblies

These are the animals from our own back yards but very few of us, especially our children, get to see them up close. Also, with habitats disappearing so quickly in these 2 states, it may not be possible to see these animals in the wild.

Tropical Rainforest School Assemblies

Preschool children will not be able to find a Tropical Rainforest on a map, nor will they be able to tell you which countries contain these amazing habitats. But they can fully appreciate the wonder of the creatures that live there!

1. Limacodes Arenacea moth

Insects and Spiders School Assemblies

Unlike many of their elders, kids love bugs! And we are happy to help them do so with this show that looks at insects and spiders from around the world.

Please feel free to download our Preschool Activities Animal Coloring Pages!

Preschool Activities

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