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Cypress Swamp – Llanos School Assemblies

Science School Assemblies

The swamps of the Southeastern US and the Llanos of Venezuela and Columbia and both habitats abundantly filled with diverse species of animals. The Cypress Swamp – Llanos school assembly compares and contrasts them for what they are and the creatures that make them home. Swamps, whether in Venezuela or Florida, cast a sinister shadow in the imaginations of many. Perhaps its partly because of the animals that live there? They are dominated by reptiles!

  Animals of the American Southeast, Venezuela and Columbia

Cypress Swamp – Llanos assembly is a wet one! and compares reptiles, like the Green Anaconda, American Alligator, Alligator Snapping Turtle and Mata Mata Turtle, along with amphibians like the Suriname Toad and Ribbed Newt . In spite of being a comparison of wet worlds one is tropical and one is not, but both are ruled by badly misunderstood giant reptiles, that harm fewer people than bathtubs or untied shoe laces! And perhaps even more interesting is how little most of us know about either of these two amazing places!

Cypress Swamp - Llanos School Assemblies

When discussing environmental education, bringing up the cypress swamp is a great way show the importance of preserving diversity, since it is such an unusual habitat for most of North America.

snake reptile Tropidonotus fasciatus. (1842)

Cypress Swamp - Llanos School Assemblies

The Ribbed Newt is from a temperate swamp, but in Spain, the newts of America are much the same. The American Alligator and the Alligator Snapping Turtle overlap through several different swamp habitats in North America, the cypress swamp is a key habitat for both.

Cypress Swamp - Llanos School Assemblies

Discussing environmental education is critical to maintain areas like the llanos which are subject to pressures of farming, cattle grazing and filling. The abuse of this habitat would be a devastating loss. Environmental Education Temperate Swamp – Llanos is great comparison of what most people will find familiar to what few have ever seen.

snake reptile Tropidonotus ordinatus. (1842)

Cypress Swamp - Llanos School Assemblies

The llanos is a fairly unique habitat of flooded savanna that borders both Venezuela and Columbia. Unusual animals like the Surinam Toad and Mata Mata Turtle can be found there, as well as the largest snake in the world, the Green Anaconda.

Prices for Cypress Swamp – Llanos

Science School Assemblies

1 Hour & 15 mins Program $375

2 consecutive programs $600

 Returning yearly customers may pay the same price as last year for the same shows.


If you use us for multiple options, I.E. an Anti-Bullying show, a Reptile show and an Aquatic show, all in the same school year, we will discount all your shows!

Discounts also for small audiences, (under 20,) and multiple back to back programs, (over 1.)

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Science School Assemblies

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