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Creatures in Mythology, Culture and History School Assemblies

Social Studies and Science School Assemblies!

Creatures in Mythology, Culture and History School Assemblies

Creatures in Mythology, Culture and History concentrates on the reptiles in our collective consciences. The program, of course, is presented at the level of understanding of the children we are seeing. Some concepts maybe watered down or omitted depending on the sophistication of out audience.


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Creatures in mythology supersede facts of actual animals.

Reptiles are deep in our minds and our society to a surprising degree. These social studies-science School Assemblies cross overs look at the facts within the fictions of why many of these animals have become so prominent Creatures in Mythology.

Creatures in Mythology

The Florida Soft Shelled Turtle is an atypical turtle but has a very common history with humans, usually revolving around a stew pot! Our attitude toward turtles has been almost universally the same in all cultures. We all agree that turtles are delicious!

Wings Comics #98 crocodile

Creatures of Mythology

This scene from early 20th century Africa shows a few staples of their diet including a root called manioc and, our course, turtle. Us Westerners don’t eat turtle much anymore, but it is still an important food in Africa and Asia, much to the detriment of all turtle species.

Travel into space and what shall we find? But creatures in mythology that we created.

Creatures in Mythology

Lizards like monitors are late comers to our collective consciousness, most are small inoffensive creatures and even the large ones pose little threat.

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These animals are not actually real, but creatures in mythology

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We don’t bring any Komodo Dragons, but not discussing them is impossible as they have captured the imagination of so many. They seem to already belong to the pantheon of creatures in mythology, and as it happens, they were instrumental in creating a very important piece of modern mythology.


Creatures of Mythology

The Komodo Dragon inspired Merian C. Cooper to dream of making a movie where, on a mysterious island never seen before, a giant Komodo Dragon fought a huge ape in a ferocious battle. The movie did get made as King Kong, except that Cooper used a stand in for the Komodo Dragon, in the form of Tyrannosaurus Rex. In spite of being a monster in most every way, the mammal, King Kong, did save the girl from being eaten by the reptile, the T rex. A rather twisted St. George and the Dragon tale!


Of the four groups of reptiles, turtles, lizards, crocodilians and snakes; the turtles appear in myth very little and mostly as lunch!  The lizards contributed to modern mythology by helping to create King Kong, in a rather round about way! But it’s the crocodiles and snakes that lead to Dragons, and that’s where things really take off! The Dragon is the King of all creatures in mythology and they are most certainly a reptile. From St. George and the Dragon, Grendle of the Norse, all the way to Tarzan fighting the crocodiles to save Jane, Tolkien’s greedy Smaug and on to Godzilla the nuclear terror, it’s the Dragon that impresses our minds. It’s the Dragon that we must defeat, over and over, in hundreds of tales, in order to become king, hero or just masters of our own backyard.

Think of all the stories in mythology that feature reptile creatures like dragons, basilisks, medusas and wyverns; the fables that include snakes, hydras, crocodiles, wyrms and giant turtles; movies that use snakes, alligators and reptilian creations as monsters. Add to that the unconquerable fear of real snakes many feel and the terror struck, yet awed accounts of actual crocodiles and it isn’t hard to see that these scaly beasts hold a strange and special place in out thinking and our culture.


The Crocodile is probably at least party responsible for the most awe inspiring of all creatures in mythology, the Dragon. Apparently emotionless, literally “cold-blooded” to our ancestors this was one of the most feared creatures on the planet!

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Creatures in Mythology

We will bring an Alligator, as the Crocodile is both unavailable and inappropriate from programs of this type!

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great crocodile hunt

How do you measure a hero? By the adversaries he defeats. The harder the evil is to destroy, the greater the hero!

amazing stories ERB GREAT


Nothing beats a dragon for terror in animal form. Today most kids have never heard of St. George and The Dragon, but it still informs and influences many modern stories and attitudes.–See below.

These School Assemblies look into history and symbolism; at the first flag of NJ, with a rattlesnake on it; to culture, like these magazine covers, even to modern mythology, I.E. Godzilla,  Harry Potter’s many enemies and allies are reptiles; Smaug, the Hobbit’s giant dragon and to the irrational fear that pythons are taking over the world! (Or at least Florida!) This show uses live reptiles, and a few props to look at the effects of the symbolism and meaning of these creatures in our culture and history. We will explore some of the roots of why humans have always
both feared and respected reptiles. The peoples of Ancient Egypt, Rome, Polynesia, Medieval Europe, China and the Modern West maybe touched upon, depending on the sophistication of the group.

Creatures in Mythology

The mild mannered Hernia, our Burmese Python, seems a poor stand in for what must have been a terrifying experience for the ancients, facing a giant snake, the true dragon! It is the snake, among all creatures in mythology, that is the true parent of the Dragon. It’s unblinking gaze calls forth a medusa, its sinuous body is the pattern for the Dragon’s body, the venom, once injected into a person, feels like having been burned by fire!

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Nikitich and Marina

What could be more powerful than controlling a dragon?

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Our modern mythology machinery, we call them “movies,” brings forth the embodiment of greed in Smaug the Dragon of Tolkien’s Hobbit story. The heroes must over come both the dragon and then all he represents.

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Godzilla cut

In 1954 Godzilla was created as the incarnation of the destructive force of nuclear power. A true modern dragon with up to date weaponry and size. The subsequent versions and newest Godzilla have turned the old meaning on its head, as now big G fights for people instead of against them. Our modern mythology, movies, will prove to be much more powerful than any previous one. The creatures in mythology that we create will endure far far into the future.

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Creatures in Mythology

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Creatures in Mythology

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