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Bill Boesenberg


Bill Boesenberg NJ Crocodile Hunter

Bill Boesenberg and Daisy, an Albino Burmese Python, at a library event in Ridgewood NJ. Bill loved that snake like most people love their dog. When she died a few years later, he cried for losing a friend.

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“Having successfully completed a PhD in science and worked on scientific research for the last 20 years, I feel I am a pretty good judge of a person’s intelligence and how they command their topic of interest. And though Bill Boesenberg is my brother, I can honestly say he is one of the most unorthodox, yet practical, and learned individuals I have yet to know.”

“Most of us learn the large majority of what we know through schooling, much the same way I have. However, Bill has never been a person to enjoy doing things “by the numbers” or in an established manner. Instead, he has often blazed his own path through self-tutoring, having learned more through book-reading than most large groups of people have by going to school. He has an encyclopedic breadth of knowledge and though not having pursued a university graduate degree, based on my experience, easily has the understanding and ability equivalent to having two PhDs: one in biology and the other in history.”—–

Joe Boesenberg, Bill’s brother

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“Bill Boesenberg is the most well read person I’ve ever met. His knowledge on a host of subjects seems to defy the abilities of a single person.” Tom Deckerd, editor of a major science magazine.

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Bill Boesenberg NJ Crocodile Hunter

The photo is not me, but it could have been. Here is my rasion d’etre. The circumstance that put me on a road I have walked for over 40 years.

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Bill Boesenberg’s fascination

with animals, especially dinosaurs and reptiles proceeds from the age of 2. His commitment to the protection and welfare of all animals has always been part of his life’s work. His knowledge is extensive and is often called upon by many agencies. (See below)

Bill’s experience is impressive: he has repaired countless turtle shells that were struck by cars, hatched endangered turtle eggs, mended broken legged frogs, nursed 100 lb pythons, pulled lost alligators out of people’s pools, performed surgery on injured and dead mother snakes and turtles to rescue the eggs for hatch and release, answered dozens of calls from local police for snake identification and capture, caught loose monitor lizards on the turnpike, rescued injured venomous snakes, and he and his wife, Diane, have opened their home to become a haven for hundreds of orphaned reptiles.

Bill Boesenberg studies of reptiles have taken him to places such as California, Florida and West Virginia. He studied crocodiles in Venezuela, South America. And now he continues his work in New Jersey where he and his wife are raising 2 girls. To say that the girls, Becky and Elyse, are apples that have not fallen far from the tree is putting it mildly!

Bill Boesenberg

This is his daughter, Becky at 3 years old, in 2009. She’s lying on the living room floor with Hernia, a 100 pound Burmese Python. And having a grand time!

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Bill Boesenberg studied

and worked with many non-reptilian/amphibian animals such as Bottle-nosed Dolphins in Florida. He assisted in emergency surgeries of many species of Raptor Trust rescued birds including Hawks, Owls, and Falcons; Song Birds and Water Fowl for 8 years.

Bill Boesenberg’s diverse experience includes all manner of fish, insects, and invertebrates of all types and descriptions. He raised native NJ mammals such as Virginia Opossum, Cottontail, Grey Squirrel, Raccoon and Woodchuck; and rehabilitated adult and baby Big and Little Brown Bats; he’s cared for Cotton-top Tamarins,(monkeys), Suricate Meerkats, (mongoose), Fenec Foxes, Dwarf Opossums, Ferrets, and Tenrec; and he’s raised Parrots, Macaws, Cockatiels, Love Birds, Parakeets, Tarantulas, Centipedes, Madagascar Hissing Roaches and Scorpions!!


Crocodile Hunter Bill Boesenberg


Bill Boesenberg ‘s Professional Credentials

Founded Snakes-N-Scales and Turtle Tales, LLC in 1996, now
the largest Animal Outreach Educational Organization in NJ.

Snakes-N-Scales comprises a collection of over 300 reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects spiders and other invertebrates, one of the largest in the surrounding states of NJ, NY, PA and CT.

Self taught Herpetologist. Bill Boesenberg studied, and continues to study, in Florida, California, W. Virginia, Venezuela and New Jersey.

First Licensed New Jersey State Reptile Rehabilitator.

Founder/Director of the New Jersey Herpetological
Rescue Society.

 ALL these organizations have consulted with Bill Boesenberg in the past 25 years.

Bergen County Zoo, Turtleback Zoo, Trailside Nature and Science Center, Popcorn Park Zoo, Great Swamp Outdoor Education Center, Tenafly Nature Center, Weiss Ecology Center, Flat Rock Brook Nature Center, Schiff Nature Preserve, Camden Discovery Aquarium, Jenkinson’s Aquarium and the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Volunteer consultant for Poison Control Hotline, for snake identification in the management of snake bites.

Herpetological and Dinosaur/Paleontological book reviewer for American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Author reptiles and amphibian section “Wildlife in Education: “A Guide for the Care and Use of Program Animals”
NWRA pub. 2004

Author children’s picture book,” I Am Snake: A Story of Self-Discovery” pub. 2005

Repeated performance guest on The Sunny Side Up Show! on NBC.

Featured on the TV shows, New Jersey News 12, TV program, “The Pet Stop” “Wild About Animals”, “The Consumer Guide Show”, “Clifton Cable TV”, and “Fox News Magazine”.

Zoo keeper, health technician and natural history teacher for the Newark Museum for 13 years.

Exotic animal specialist technician for the Plainfield Animal Hospital for 8 years.

Senior Store Manger In Charge of Animal Care and Aquisition for NJ Pets, East Hanover, South Orange and Verona for 4 years.

Paleontologist, discoverer of outcrop, “Carnosaur Creek” and a Daspletosaurus vertebrae in Montana.

AND father of 2 daughters, raised in the midst of these animals. If there is anyone that understands kids and children better than Bill, we can’t imagine it.


Bill, (and everyone else,) usually have a really enjoyable time!



Bill Boesenberg is a 30-year experienced, recognized expert in the field of reptile care (herpetology), who decided to make his life’s goal the education of people about these misunderstood creatures. His credentials are unmatched in NJ. Bill’s expertise and good natured humor appeal to all who surround him. His programs are informative, educational and fun.

Bill Boesenberg

Though there is nothing more important than the safety of the children and the animals, this doesn’t stop Bill from having a great time in his shows!

When you hire a member of Snakes-N-Scales you receive the benefits of Bill Boesenberg ’s expertise since all employees are specially trained and qualified. All are experienced teachers; all have a wide experience with children and an excellent command of animal handling and showmanship. Everyone at Snakes-N-Scales is dedicated to making our visit a fantastic experience, full of insight, knowledge, discovery and wonder. Thanks to these dedicated people, Snakes-n-Scales and Turtle Tales has succeed in speaking to over 100,000 people per year.

Bill Boesenberg

Never at a loss for words or a face, Bill juggles the animals needs, with the children’s responses and produces a program that no one can happily follow after. He should always be the finale, because after him, the show’s over.

Whichever program you choose will be an adventurous exploration into the animal world providing experiences that will last a lifetime.



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