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Aquatic Animals School Assemblies

Our Aquatic Animals School Assemblies are a very diverse group of programs reaching from discussions on whales to the endangered animal world down to the life of a clown fish.


River Animals Vs Ocean Animals 

Ocean Animals vs River Animals, Aquatic Animals School Assemblies

Though it looks comical, the Soft Shell Turtle makes the Snapping Turtle look mild by comparison!—-“Finding Nemo” forever changed the feelings of many toward fish. Now this little fish can help us teach children about the conservation and preservation of the oceans. This and more in Ocean Animals vs River Animals, Aquatic Animals School Assemblies.


Shark’s Eye View 

Aquatic Animals School Assemblies

Although we longer use live sharks, we do use a 4 ft replica of a Black Tip Shark that will impress the kids. We also use a preserved Bamboo Shark that kids can touch if the group isn’t too big.

bamboo shark

Save The Whales

Aquatic Animals School Assemblies

Far far from reptiles is our Save the Whales show! Our experience here is so diverse that we can present this show in full confidence and knowledge of our subject. Though we have no live whales we do have some interesting offerings to show.

whale shark


Aquatic Animals School Assemblies

Sharks are very popular with kids and adults, but everyone is surprised how different sharks are from what they thought! These animals are being hunted by the TON, and need our understanding and support now.


Not Entirely-

Aquatic Animals School Assemblies

 Coral Reef – Great Swamp

Aquatic Animals School Assemblies

When it comes to Aquatic Animals School Assemblies, this show only half qualifies, but it’s a great way to compare a terrestrial and aquatic habitat to one another. Something rarely presented by anyone else.

spotted catshark

Endangered Species

Aquatic Animals School Assembly

This program only has one aspect that can include aquatic species but the comparisons to terrestrial endangered species is worth a look.


Poisonous and Venomous Animals

Aquatic Animals School Assembly

spotted ray

Kaleidoscope of Animals

Aquatic Animals School Assemblies

“Infinite diversity in infinite combinations,” is a wonderful thought. we know that it’s not true, that the world is a very finite place. However learning about some of the diversity is a needed and rewarding endeavor.


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