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Animal Birthday Parties


That’s how many different Animal Birthday Parties we currently offer! If there is anyone that offers even half that many we’ve never heard of them!

What follows below is the thumbnail of each offering, it is by no means complete. For a complete explanation with animals, descriptions and prices just click on the photo or title here.

turtle reptile Spargis coriacea. (1842)

If you prefer, just call Bill at 973-248-9964 and he’ll take of you!

Reptile Birthday Party Morris NJ

Animal Birthday Parties NJ, NY, NYC, CT & PA

turtle reptile Cistuda Carolina. (1842)

The Reptiles!

Animal Birthday Parties

Reptile Party AKA The Strange World Of Reptiles, is one of our most popular programs. This Party Theme is all Reptiles and is best for kids ages 3-6, but can be performed for any age.

Reptile Party NJ NY NYC CT PA

snakes reptiles6

Animal Birthday Parties

Outstripping all the other Reptile Birthday Programs in popularity, You made Rad Reptiles our hottest Birthday yet!

Radical Reptiles Party


Animal Birthday Parties

The Giant Reptile Birthday Party brings the biggest reptiles from any company within 100 miles, truly our WOW show, a slithering soiree! An Animal Birthday Party like you’ve never seen.

Giant Reptile Birthday


Animal Birthday Parties

The Magic Reptile Birthday Party is so unique that no other company in the country has it! This new and very entertaining Snakes-N-Scales birthday party combines two ingredients children always love, magic and reptiles!!! Animal Birthday Parties that are really fun and educational too.

Magic Reptile Birthday Party


Animal Birthday Parties

Our Reptiles and Amphibians Party program brings all 4 kinds of reptiles, the alligator, snake, lizard, and turtle plus 3 kinds of amphibians, the frog, toad, and salamander. It is the only in show in New Jersey, (NJ), New York, (NY), Pennsylvania, (PA) or Connecticut, (CT), that offers a celebration of all 8 kinds of these amazing, and child fascinating, animals all in one fun party program.

Reptiles and Amphibians Party


Animal Birthday Parties

No snake party would be complete without a giant visiting! The finale will be a larger snake of impressive size, usually a Burmese Python if its a New Jersey Snake Party. Animal Birthday Parties can be boring and dull with the guy who has 12 animals and he brings all the same ones every year. Not US!

Snake Party


Animal Birthday Parties

The Snake Experience is NOT an Animal Birthday Parties “show” as such, this is a personal journey into the amazing world of Snakes, through a unique slithering soiree. The big aquariums advertise a “swim with the dolphins” opportunity, this is a “slither with the Snakes Party” and maybe the chance of a lifetime.

The Snake Experience

snake reptile Tropidonotus fasciatus. (1842)

Animal Party

This Dinosaur Party show brings, mostly reptiles, but one one other animal that not only is of an ancient line, going back into the day of the dinosaur and even beyond it, but this was the first creature to walk on land, the scorpion. We will look at these very old families of surviving animals and we will do a little comparing with fossils of extinct creatures. Here’s an Animal Birthday Parties theme few can do well!

Dinosaur Party

dino thumb 1

 Animal Party

The Zoo Animals Party lets you choose from nearly 50 species of creatures. Unprecedented options!

Zoo Animals Party

Reptile Birthday Party Morris NJ

 Animal Party

Do your kids love baby animals? If they do, this is the reptile party show for you…BUT!! Remember that this is a Snakes-N-Scales’ Baby Animal Party. As always this show will both entertain and educate everyone. We’ll talk about how the little ones make it in this big world and what they are like as adults. Many, but not all, of these animals can be touched.

Baby Animal Party

frog 23

Animal party

The Monster Party brings you the animals we love to hate. Which take the form of the monsters of our imaginations. And in this Monster Party, one of our most popular animal party programs, we will explore exactly why so many of us hate them so much. TV, movies, literature, bedtime stories, and even nursery rhymes are remembered that used these animals as monsters and villains. Movie monsters are almost always based on living creatures, and very often on reptiles. Remember the “Anaconda” series of movies, or “Alligator,” there were many snake movies including “Snakes on a Plane” and many others.

Monster Party

crocodile congo bill

Animal Party

This Turtle Party is the largest collection of turtles in the northeastern US that can travel! You can have 10 great turtles to come to your shell-y shindig, interact with them and have a great show about them and afterward have Turtle Races! This Party Moves Faster Than You Think!

Turtle Party

turtle reptile Spargis coriacea. (1842)

Animal Party

If having an hour reptile show and them having turtle races is too much for you, we have another option. How about a 30 minute animal show, maybe take a few pictures, followed by Turtle Races? And in the years we have been doing Animal Birthday Parties, Turtle Races are one of the most popular activities.

Reptile Party and Turtle Races


Animal Birthday Parties

The Amphibians

Animal party

Try our Frog Birthday Party, if you want to keep your kid’s birthday jumping! Frogs are a favorite of kids. They come in a great variety of shapes, sizes and types. Perfect for a frog filled party. The only Frog Theme Birthday Party of it’s kind in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania or Connecticut, and a weird Animal Birthday Parties theme anywhere, our Frog Birthday Party program looks at frogs, toads a salamander and a newt from all over the world.

Frog Birthday Party

frog 25

Animal Birthday Parties

Bugs and Spiders

Animal Party

Having a Spider and Bug Party with these creatures is now very possible thanks our technology and experience. Bugs, or insects and spiders, are fascinating to many kids and US too! At Snakes-N-Scales, our goal is always to entertain while we educate, never to scare or discourage. And that includes the moms and sisters of the birthday child! We will not even pretend to throw a spider or fake lose a roach in your couch! We want everyone to enjoy the day, not be traumatized by it.

Spider and Bug Party

beetle Goliathus Giganteus. (1837)

Animal Birthday Parties

Fish and Ocean Animals

Animal Birthday Parties

Our Fish Party is called “Fish Tales and Ocean Oddballs,” and features live fish, of course, but also a few surprises like ocean invertebrates and even an ocean going turtle! Animal Birthday Parties are designed, like all our programs, to be fun AND educational. We believe, and we have made it our practice for over 20 years, that learning can be enjoyable. There is no reason why both can not be included in a birthday party atmosphere.

Fish Party


Animal Party

Unfortunately, this party no longer offers a live shark. The reasons are pretty simple. We have found that the sharks require more time, attention and care than the over all popularity of these particular Animal Birthday Parties provide for. We have also found that somehow, in spite of having photos of exactly what we bring, many people still expected a Great White Shark to hop out of our mini van! And lastly, everyone wants to touch the shark, and who can blame them? But the shark can’t handle the attention. So…what did we do? We changed to a preserved shark, still a real shark, just not a live one.

Shark Party

bonnethead shark

Animal Party

A River of Monsters Party? But there is no “real” River of Monsters , of course. And we do not use this or an Animal Birthday Parties shows to say any different! But people fear animals for many reasons and sometimes that fear can get out of hand. This show seeks to “un-monster” these wonderful animals. This birthday party program combines some of the most aggressive animals, alive in the rivers of the world, but is completely safe because the people of Snakes-N-Scales bring it to you.

River of Monsters Party

turtle reptile Chelonura Temminckii. (1842)

Would you Like to Book a show or do you have a few questions. Just give our resident “Presssident,” Bill Boesenberg a call at 973-248-9964, and he’ll be happy to help!

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