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American Alligator

Zoologists take careful weights and measures tracks the sizes and life cycles of the Alligator.

This didn’t save the American Alligator.

A radio tracking device is attached to its tail so its movements can be followed for a period of months. The plaster will dissolve in water.

And this didn’t save the American Alligator.

An authentic Alligator bag, dyed red.







baby gators at farm american alligator

The raising of alligators for the leather industry saved the gators due to a law that forced them to release 12-16% of what they raised back into the wild. This has resulted in an incredible increase! From perhaps as few as 400 in 1923 to over 1 million today! And this is where all of our Alligators have come, though indirectly. Our have been bought as pest by other people and then given over to us, sometimes unwillingly. If you’d like to see an Alligator up close at a birthday party just choose one these shows: Reptile Party, Radical Reptiles, Giant Reptile Party, Magic Reptiles. And if it’s a School Assembly, Library, Scout or Camp show you need try these: Great Reptiles, Strange World of Reptiles, Radical Reptiles or Creatures in Mythology.  

turtle reptile Emys Oregoniensis. (1842)

american alligator

The star of many many shows, Blue, our biggest American Alligator at 7 ft and 100 lbs.

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American Alligator

Sunning is sometimes done mouth open. It may regulate the gator faster allowing more air into the body.

turtle reptile Emys serrata. (1842)

american alligator

As best as I can determine this photo is genuine.


Alligator Mississippiensis. (1842)

A great illustration from the early 20th century.

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american alligator

All the old movies, from Tarzan to various horror flicks and all the old jungle movies used alligators as the menace because they were so easily handled. Crocodiles would have been a potential threat in the real world wild, but in the make believe world of movies gators severed their purpose as few people could tell the difference.

turtle reptile Emys Troostii. (1842)

American Alligator

The current range is the brown continuous shading in the extreme south east. the other areas are where they have been introduced, though that doesn’t mean there are gator populations living there!

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american alligator

Gators are black, not green, with duckweed as the only exception.

Reptile Birthday Party Morris NJ

american alligator

Not only is this photo genuine, but there were carnivals all over the US that held races for kids of carts pulled by gators.

turtle reptile Trionyx ferox. (1842)

american alligator

Yes, this is dangerous, however there is really good reason they don’t use crocodiles! Gators are much more tolerant than any of their relatives.

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tarzan w gator for clipping

It’s supposed to be Africa and they’re supposed to be crocodiles, but even in this illustration they look like gators!


alligator crocodile comparison

The snout comparison does work, as long as your looking at these two species. But there are 23 species so it gets a bit more complicated.

turtle reptile Spargis coriacea. (1842)

alligator skull diagram

The American alligator skull diagram shows the rounded snout bones and conical teeth. It also shows the immense amount of air space there is in the skull.

turtle reptile Emys rubriventris. (1842)

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