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After School Programs

Animals and Reptiles Round the Globe!

Our 10 completely different After School Programs topics look at habitats from all over the world and include 5 animal species for every visit! An unrivaled opportunity for kids to see a great number of animals in a very short time frame. These programs have been honed over several years refinement, so we know they are very enjoyable for kids. And while we do not include art projects in the program time slots, we do often play games that use the information that was learned that afternoon.

The Animals and Reptiles Round the Globe! After School Program is an in depth trip to other worlds.  Worlds full of creatures adapted to the very specific place they live. Whether they are reptiles, amphibians, fish, spiders or insects we guarantee that you will find them amazing! And unique after school programs for all grades.

Where Animals and Reptiles Round the Globe, After School Programs Goes!

1.Tropical Rainforest

What was known as “the jungle” from the movies is an amazing home for animals from the tops of it’s 60 ft high trees to under it’s rich soil. Certainly one of the most critical habitats on Earth and perhaps the most intriguing.

After School Programs

The Tropical Rainforest with animals including the Water Monitor, Burmese Python and Leaf Turtle


A hot, not quite desert plain, in the summer and a cool lush grassland in the winter where animals have remained unchanged for millions of years. Here you can find a frog that eats crocodile babies and a snake that is one of the largest on Earth.

After School Programs

The Savanna After School Program includes an African Rock Python, Leopard Tortoise and an African Bullfrog.


3. Llanos

A gigantic flood plain that spreads across two countries, home to many weird and wonderful creatures. The biggest snakes in the world, the green anacondas hide in it’s lakes and big monitor-like lizards called Tegus run through it underbrush.

After School Program Series

The great South American flood plains, called the Llanos (pronounced like “yanos”) will include the Red Foot Tortoise, Black & White Tegu and the Green Anaconda. (No one rescues Anacondas except us, and certainly no one else has them in their after school programs!)

4. Desert

Some of the harshest places on Earth but still home for many unique and amazing animals; from lizards that have much in common with cactus to scorpions that find one another through “glow-in-the-dark” adaptations.

After School Programs

This habitat offers animals unlike other habitats. We see a Tarantula, Sulcata Tortoise and a Bearded Dragon and others

5. New Jersey

Many of NJ’s reptiles and amphibians can be visited with a short car ride. You might meet a box turtle hiding in the woods or a hognose snake, playing dead in the grass or maybe 2 snapping turtles having a nap!.

after school program

NJ still provides excellent habitats for our native species. Here we have the Eastern Box Turtle, Spotted Turtle and Hognose Snake. We feel strongly that children should learn about their own homes. Our After School Programs provides a unique platform for this. (Look at the swamp photo you will see two Snapping Turtles sunning themselves as well!)

6. Swamp

The flooded forest of much the American south is home to some the largest North American reptiles, like the snapping turtle and the alligator. Our After School Programs are safe! Only Snakes-N-Scales has the experience to bring gators and large snapping turtles!

after school program

The swamps of the American south and other areas are full of amazing species like the Alligator Snapping Turtle, American Alligator and the Red-Bellied Cooter.

7. Rivers

Though not a single habitat the animals have much in common and are a diverse group.

after school program

Rivers looks at animals that most people don’t get to see too often, or at all, up close. Here we have an Amphiuma, Soft Shelled Turtle and a Clown Loach.

amphiuma-©2010 Matthew Niemiller

8. Baby Animals

Animals and Reptiles Round The Globe After School Programs uniquely compares baby animals with adults to discuss the changes that occur as animals grow up. Again, Snakes-N-Scales depth of species and individuals can bring experiences not to found elsewhere!

after school shows

Baby Burmese Pythons, a Baby Snapping Turtle and 3 Baby Red Eared Sliders.

9. Fossils and Ancient Animals

The way the Earth is today is drastically different than it was thousands or millions of years ago. This habitat adventure will look at how the planet differed and some of the animals, both as fossils and still alive today, that give us clues of what was.

after school series

Discussing Dinosaurs and extinct animals is always a favorite topic for kids…and us! Here we use fossils, casts and living animals of ancient families to compare life in the long past to life now. This episode adds a different flavor to the after school programs.

10. Skulls and Skeletons

We’ll have a look at actual, fully cleaned animal parts and compare them to living animals to draw conclusions about how the structure of the animal effects it’s actions.

after school series

The only time we ever discuss mammals is in this program where we compare animal bones of all sorts and the living creatures that use them.

Prices for Animals and Reptiles Round the Globe! After School Programs

There are 2 price structure possibilities.

Reptile Birthday Party Morris NJ

For JUST $15/child/episode for 7-10 episodes, paid for by the parents, with a minimum of 10 children per class. This represents the best deal for After School Programs available, 50 species of animals for $15 per day!

 Further, on the 11th child and thereafter, the school receives 50% of every child’s enrollment to support their programs.  As a “thank you” for allowing us into your school to share our passion with your children. 

The program maybe cancelled for insufficient enrollment, and a “preview” visit is required.

The “preview” is a 5-10 minute sneak peak at a couple animals and a short pep talk. This can take place during lunch time, prior to an assembly, just before the children leave for the day or at any prearranged time. Half the total is due up front, the balance on the last day.

So 8 episodes for 10 children would be $1200 paid to SNS, but 8 episodes for 15 children would be $1500 to SNS, and $300 to your school!

Reptile Birthday Party Passaic NJ

The second is $200/episode, paid for by the school, with a minimum of 5 classes regardless of the number of children.

These shows may take place during school, or as after school programs, and occur within a single school year. I.E. One in each of the months January-May would be fine. Half the cost of the total would be due at the start and then 1/5 of the balance at each show. (Or 1/6 of the balance if there were 6 sessions, etc.)

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